Risk Management

An effective whistleblower program is built on a foundation of risk management, which includes a comprehensive understanding of all possible risk areas and potential points of ethical breaches. WhistleBlower Security works to foster a culture of crowd-sourced awareness of the inherent vulnerabilities that exist in every organization regardless of mandate or mission.

As the title suggests, risk management is not about dwelling on the impossible task of eliminating all possible risk, but about the identification of risk and development of necessary structures and processes to safeguard businesses against risk. Risk management requires a proactive executive team that desires to build an organizational culture dedicated to the level of integrity that employees are expected to demonstrate in their workplace.

Risk management is not a ‘one-time’ process, but a mandate of any company that considers each decision and action from the executive boardroom through to the front line. By integrating risk management with compliance to regulations, social standards and corporate ethics, our risk management consulting team enhances the transparency of your management system.

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