Bribery Risk Assessment Guide

graphic diagnosing bribery risk coverTransparency International’s recently published Guide provides in-depth advice on how to conduct an effective bribery risk assessment, based on real life experiences.
Transparency International recently published a Guide on bribery risk assessment. This Guide provides advice on workable methodology and explains how to conduct an effective bribery risk assessment. The Guide explains that an effective bribery risk assessment process must start with gathering sufficient and relevant information about an organization’s business activities and relationships. With this information, an organization can then determine how those features expose it to a risk of bribery. The information gathered must be drawn from people and other sources which together give a reasonably comprehensive picture of what the business does, how and where it does it, and how those characteristics may give rise to a risk of bribery. To be relevant, information needs to be up to date. This means that a risk assessment process has to include the right people, look at the right information and be repeated and reviewed regularly.
The Guide also outlines the legal and regulatory context and the risk assessment process. It breaks risk assessment down into risk identification and risk evaluation. The Guide in addition covers how the risk assessment can be applied and recommends certain follow-up monitoring and reporting procedures.
To be effective, compliance programmes must be tailored to the specific risks faced by the organization. Therefore, a first step in establishing an effective compliance program is a thorough risk assessment. Companies interested in establishing an effective compliance program may find this Guide helpful as it includes practical tools, and a template that can be used as a starting point in designing a tailor-made risk assessment procedure. The Guide also includes a list of ten good practice principles for bribery risk assessment which provide an overview of the key considerations that organizations should bear in mind at all phases of a bribery risk assessment, a risk assessment template, with an illustrated documented example, and a bribery risk assessment process checklist.
Certainly, one of the best and most effective tools for any compliance program is an independent ethics hotline and secure web-based reporting platform. The link to download Transparency International’s report can be found here in full.

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