BC University Students Applaud Bill 23 Addressing Harassment and Assault

Finally, justice on BC university campuses The recent history of violence, sexual assault, and harassment at many universities prompted the province to introduced legislation requiring universities to have sexual misconduct policies in place by May 2017. In 2016, the province tabled a bill to compel post-secondary institutions to write and maintain policies to prevent and … Continued

Criteria for an effective whistleblowing system

Do you need a whistleblowing system? It’s a good question, and one could easily answer it with, nah, not really. But before you answer that, take a look at your business historically. Has your business ever suffered a prior breach? Here’s the kicker. You may not necessarily know the true answer to that. Because there … Continued

The Layman’s Guide to a Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct

With some easy to understand examples! Let’s take the headache out of this confusion! Many times, “Code of Ethics” and “Code of Conduct” are used interchangeably. But hold up. There are slight differences. Each has their slight nuance… doesn’t everything? A Code of Ethics lays out a company’s and its leadership’s decision-making. A Code of … Continued

7 Questions Answered About Whistleblower Hotlines

To organizations that want to promote a speak-up culture but don’t know how Most of us agree that implementing a whistleblower hotline is a good thing. You can’t argue with facts like putting fraud off to another day only increases its damage. Or how about those organizations with reporting hotlines, where employees can report on … Continued

How One Simple Mistake Got Impressive Results

#EnvelopeGate… yes it has its own hashtag Of course something so utterly shocking is going to get its own hashtag. By all accounts in the media coverage so far, on the Oscar flub that is sure to go down in history, one simple employee mistake that would go against anybody’s better judgement (certainly under these … Continued

Definition of ‘Uber’ in Question Over Sexual Harassment Claim

UBER Denoting an outstanding or supreme example of a particular kind of person or thing. If by outstanding example you mean brushing off numerous [alleged] reports of harassment, discrimination, a toxic culture, and massive favouritism, then yeah, definition covered. That’s how it’s coming across to an outsider anyway, when a former employee’s only audience isn’t … Continued

The Not-So-Risky, Yet Quick Payoff Of Ethics Reporting

Implementing a strong third-party ethics and compliance program with a 24/7/365 anonymous live answer hotline is one of the best tools an organization can utilize to stop unethical behaviour in its tracks. Ernst & Young’s Global Fraud Study finds that there remain obstacles in using internal reporting channels. One obvious deterrent is the fear for … Continued

The Quickest & Easiest Way To Lose Your Best Employees

Do you want to keep your employees happy? A recent article published on Inc.com raised six Human Resources mistakes that cause a company’s best employees to take the nearest EXIT, and keep on going without looking back. Among these bad HR practices making employees feel uncomfortable in the workplace – choosing when and to whom … Continued

Kill The Office Of Congressional Ethics?

Republicans won’t kill the Office of Congressional Ethics… well not yet anyway A day doesn’t go by without at least one seemingly controversial tweet from the President-elect. A recent Tweet had Twitter all aflutter, questioning Trump’s prioritization, or intent to kill, the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE). First, here’s the Tweet: With all that Congress … Continued

Scandal On The Snowy Streets

Once upon a time, in a land of unplowed streets… Much of the northern hemisphere has got its shiver on as we creep up on the holiday festivities, trying not to be affected too much by the deep freeze. Where’s there’s snow, ice, and slippery conditions in many cities, we West Coasters (notably Vancouver) share … Continued