WhistleBlower Security Announces Strategic Partnership with ethiXbase for Third Party Risk Management

Posted by WhistleBlower Security

on June 30, 2014

West Vancouver – BC – WhistleBlower Security (WBS) is pleased to announce the launch of a new partnership with ethiXbase Pte. Ltd, to offer organizations the most comprehensive means of analyzing their third party relationships and more effectively manage risk within the increasingly complex global compliance and regulatory environment.

The strategic partnership between WBS and ethiXbase will provide organizations of all sizes with the tools to protect themselves against allegations of corruption by third parties while supporting their commitment to creating an organizational culture of integrity, collaboration, and transparency.

“In today’s fast paced business environment, organizations are faced with the increasing challenge of managing regulatory, reputational and compliance risks while trying to build and grow their business,” said Bart Valdez, Chief Executive Officer, ethiXbase. “Our strategic partnership with WhistleBlower Security will allow us to assist organizations around the world to manage the risks associated with bribery and corruption while accelerating growth.”

About ethiXbase
Everyday thousands of compliance professionals, government regulators and executives rely on ethiXbase to accelerate business relationships while effectively managing risk. Our technology platform, ethiXbase Shield, has been built from the ground up to meet the most rigorous global compliance and regulatory standards to shield companies, their board and senior management from allegations of bribery and corruption by third parties.

ethiXbase offers a full suite of solutions for due diligence screening, ongoing daily monitoring, enhanced due diligence, ethics communications, management reporting, risk event monitoring, and policy attestation. ethiXbase provides organizations with the means to effectively comply with global and local regulatory requirements and offers a full audit trail to verify regulatory compliance.

With clients from around the globe, spanning multiple industries and of all sizes, ethiXbase is the world’s leading provider of anti-corruption compliance solutions. ethiXbase website

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About WhistleBlower Security
For the past 8 years, WhistleBlower Security Inc. has been committed to promoting a culture of integrity, collaboration and transparency for our employees and clients. WhistleBlower Security is a Canadian based global provider of customized ethics reporting services dedicated to safeguarding businesses against risk. It’s vision is to create and set the standard of excellence in ethics reporting services while striving to be leaders in Global Stewardship through values of integrity, accountability, transparency and contribution.

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