European Union Whistleblower Directive Compliance Management Solutions

The EU Whistleblower Directive’s purpose is to provide and promote a safe and secure way for people to voice concerns and speak up about unethical behaviour or misconduct in their workplace. The Directive references violations of EU law that are in violation of public interest.

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Any company in the EU with more than 250 employees will need to be compliant with the EU Whistleblowing Directive by the end of 2021.

Each of the 27 EU member states will need to transcribe the directives into their own national law. The new EU whistleblower directive impacts thousands of companies across the EU with more than 50 employees and requires them to create internal reporting system to help employees and other third parties report violations of EU law and to protect those who do report from retaliation when they speak-up. Companies with over 250 employees will need to ensure they are compliant with the new regulations by the end of the year.

Whistleblowers should be able to submit reports via an online system, a hotline number, or via mail. Companies must also ensure that the identity of the whistleblower is kept confidential no matter the mechanism that is used to file the report.

When do you need to be compliant?

  • Public and private entities with 50 or more employees or with an annual turnover or total assets more than €10M
  • Local authorities that provide services for more than 10,000 people
  • All companies of any size that operate in Financial Services or where there is risk of money laundering
  • Companies with 250 + employees

Companies are required to set up whistleblower reporting channels by December 2021

Whistleblowers should be able to submit reports online, via a hotline number, or via mail. Companies must ensure the whistleblower’s identity is kept confidential.

Ethics Hotlines
Facilitate safe, anonymous reporting of unethical or illegal behaviour.
Web Intake Reporting
A simple and intuitive questionnaire available in 25 languages so whistleblowers can choose a language of their preference.
Compliance Management Platform
Secure database stores sensitive data allowing users to investigate the information whistleblowers disclose.
Whistleblower Anonymity
Our system includes statements ensuring the whistleblower's anonymity in the event they choose not to share any contact information. We further ensure no personal or originating information is shared.

Protection to Whistleblowers

Article 6 of the Directive states that to receive protection, whistleblowers had to have had reasonable grounds to believe the information reported at the time was true, and the whistleblower had to report the information through the available reporting channels according to the rules as set out by the Whistleblower Directive.

Reporting Channels

Reporting channels are organized in a hierarchical manner:

Internal Reporting Channels
Whistleblowers are first encouraged to file a report through an internal channel, internally housed, or provided by a third-party. Proof of the report should be provided within seven days with a response to the report within three months.
External Reporting Channels
Whistleblowers can file a report via an external reporting channel if they feel they have not received a proper response from the internal reporting channels in the indicated time frame set out by the Directive.
Public Disclosure
Companies should ensure that whistleblowers feel safe and confident to file their reports internally, or externally. Public disclosure is a last resort to a whistleblower who does not feel safe and secure within their own company culture.

There is no obligation for whistleblowers to file a report internally so it’s very important that companies set up well working, and easy to use internal systems so employees aren’t forced to report externally which could be very damaging to the company’s reputation.

Stay ahead of internal controls issues before they negatively impact the organization.
Audit Trail
Demonstrate that each case is handled in a timely fashion and all the appropriate steps are taken.
Data Location
Our data is housed in Canada providing robust privacy legislation.

EU Whistleblower Directive – Additional Considerations

The following can help put best practices into place to prevent employees from going outside the organization to file a report.

Communicating Reporting Methods
Companies are mandated to communicate the three reporting channels to employees.
Reporting Languages
There is no specific rule in the directive to force reporting in native languages, but it is a best practice, makes it accessible and easy to report.
Quick Resolution of Cases
If a whistleblower reports internally, the company needs to resolve the case as soon as possible or at least continue communicating with them.
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