Facts About Fraud: Fact #5 – Employee Tips Help Detect Fraud

International Fraud Awareness Week – November 16 – 22, 2014 – #fraudhurtsbad Facts About Fraud International Fraud Awareness Week ends tomorrow, but this is our last blog post celebrating #fraudweek. If you missed our previous posts: Fact #1 – Collusion equals bigger fraud Fact #2 – Small business fraud hurts more Fact #3 – Higher authority equals … Continued

Facts About Fraud: Fact #4 – Behavioral Red Flags

International Fraud Awareness Week – November 16 – 22, 2014 – #fraudhurtsbad Facts About Fraud We’re more than half way through International Fraud Awareness Week. So we bring you our fourth fraud fact: Fraudsters may behave a little differently. Now that doesn’t mean you need to study your co-worker’s every move and action like some sort of … Continued

Facts About Fraud: Fact #3 – Higher Authority = More Damage

International Fraud Awareness Week – November 16 – 22, 2014 – #fraudhurtsbad Facts About Fraud We continue our International Fraud Awareness Week with our third fraud fact: The higher up the corporate ladder, the bigger the fraud cost. Monday and Tuesday brought you ‘bigger frauds come from collusion‘, and ‘small businesses suffer more‘, respectively. Now we’re going … Continued

Facts About Fraud: Fact #2 – Small Business Fraud Hurts More

International Fraud Awareness Week – November 16 – 22, 2014 – #fraudhurtsbad Facts About Fraud This week is International Fraud Awareness Week. We’re continuing our circulation on the fight against fraud by bringing you today’s fraud fact: Smaller business suffer greater from fraud. The bigger the business, the more employees, and the fraud costs skyrocket. Big businesses … Continued

Popular Frauds | Protect Your Organization

One Fraud… Two Fraud… Three Fraud… No organization wants to wake up to find themselves suddenly the center of unexpected liability or unwelcome scrutiny due to fraud. Fraud costs organizations more if it’s ignored, and no matter what you think, your organization is not immune from it. The ACFE’s Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse … Continued

Should Internal Whistleblowers Be Incentivized? To Some Degree Yes!

Internal Whistleblowers Aren’t Necessarily Looking for a Monetary Reward Most employees who report wrongdoing internally do it because they believe something will be done about it. Most employees, who would potentially blow the whistle, feel that if their whistleblowing actions have a positive impact on the organization, that’s incentive enough for them to report. They … Continued

International Fraud Awareness Week – Have You Made Changes?

As International Fraud Awareness Week draws to a close, we hope that some of our posts have enlightened you as to strategies you could be implementing in order to detect and deter fraud. Here are a series of links to excellent resources on the ACFE site that can strengthen your fight against fraud. Fraud Videos: … Continued

International Fraud Awareness Week – What You Can Do!

Ready to Get Started? In support of International Fraud Awareness Week, we offer some basic steps that any organization can and should take to help combat fraud: Establish & Communicate a Fraud Policy Every organization needs a written policy to address fraud – before it happens. Download the Sample Fraud Policy (PDF) provided by the … Continued