Will Whistleblowing Ever Be a Painless Experience?

Good Always Prevails in the End! “I’m Tony Menendez, a CPA and a corporate whistleblower. A decade ago, I was Halliburton’s Director of Technical Accounting and I witnessed some highly questionable accounting and auditing practices at Halliburton. After being told to “save it for the subpoena,” I blew the whistle. Although, Halliburton’s retaliation was swift, … Continued

Southwest Airlines Whistleblower Suit Settled

Mechanic Disciplined for Reporting Cracks in 737 Now there’s a headline you don’t want to see. A few months ago we wrote about how a former Southwest Airlines cargo manager was allegedly fired for blowing the whistle on the unsafe transportation of hazardous materials on Southwest Airlines’ passenger planes. The whistleblower also questioned whether Southwest … Continued

Here's Why Whistleblowing Should Be on Your Priority List

The G20 Say… “Priority Number One: Whistleblowing” Whistleblower protection laws have been in place for over two decades in some countries. But it’s only recently that effective laws and procedures have begun to be studied equally and become one of the priorities of the G20. At the G20 Summit in Seoul, Korea in November 2010, … Continued

5 Ways to Improve Your Whistleblower System

Many companies implement a whistleblower system, launching with a big announcement, talk the talk and then let the system fade quietly in the background.   If a whistleblower system (and open culture) are going to be successful there are 5 steps that you should consider in order for it to be fully appreciated, utilized and recognized … Continued

Whistleblowers Must Report to SEC for Anti-Retaliation Protections

A recent decision by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has confirmed that the anti-retaliation provisions of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act only confer protections to whistleblowers who report conduct to the Securities and Exchange Commission. Whistleblowers Must Report Conduct to the SEC Dodd-Frank1 encourages individuals to provide information helpful to … Continued