The Newest Craze in Harassment and Bullying

And It Seems to Be Popular the World Over. Ensuring the entire nation knows what you have to say, and seeing you doing it? Probably not the smartest idea… … but whistleblowing advocates are thanking you. It’s the latest uncouth trend hitting the media lately. Known as FHRITP heckling. Part of a larger phenomenon, it’s … Continued

How to Blow the Whistle on Bullying and Harassment

Today Is Pink Shirt Day in Canada. It Symbolizes Everyone Working Together to Bring Awareness to, and Prevent, Bullying. The main purpose of this campaign is to stop bullying in our schools and community. But as a global ethics reporting solutions provider, we’d like to extend this campaign to include bullying and harassment in the … Continued

How Does a Whistleblower Report Ostracism?

Ostracism is a silent bully. But is negative attention better than no attention? In the past decade, research has established bullying as a prevalent problem among working Americans. A survey by the Workplace Bullying Institute at the beginning of this year found that more than a quarter of adults have suffered from some form of harassment … Continued

NFL – We Need a Whistleblower

Following a seven-hour meeting in Manhattan Friday between Dolphins offensive lineman Jonathan Martin and NFL independent investigator Ted Wells, the NFL’s investigation is reportedly eyeing the team’s offensive line coach, Jim Turner. ESPN reported Sunday that Turner is a “person of interest” to the league, that Turner has a reputation for “using loud, insulting and … Continued