The Layman’s Guide to a Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct

With some easy to understand examples! Let’s take the headache out of this confusion! Many times, “Code of Ethics” and “Code of Conduct” are used interchangeably. But hold up. There are slight differences. Each has their slight nuance… doesn’t everything? A Code of Ethics lays out a company’s and its leadership’s decision-making. A Code of … Continued

Four Reasons Your Business Needs a Code of Ethics

Do we really need a Code of Ethics? Yes you do! A code of ethics is a set of standards adopted to govern the conduct of a group of people. It’s your rule book if you will. Groups such as national medical associations adopt Codes of Ethics that govern members in individual practices across many … Continued

Time to Dumb Down Those Policies, Codes, and Procedures

1905 called and they want their ‘legal speak’ back It’s time to put a stop to all that legal mumbo jumbo and 18th century ‘speak’. It’s time to ‘time-travel’ our policies, codes, procedures, and other legal documents on over to 2016. In an article for the Association of Corporate Counsel’s website, startup lawyer Olga Mack compares … Continued

Struggling to See the Benefits of an Ethics Reporting System?

Let’s break down the barriers between you and your ethics reporting system The importance of ethics continues to be spotlighted with the daily news headline coverage of our most cherished brands and their leaders. Most organizations don’t plan to wake up one morning hoping to find themselves suddenly exposed to an unexpected liability or unwelcome scrutiny. … Continued

Study Shows US Army Has Issues With Compliance and Code of Conduct

American Liar Recently, two former Army officers conducted a study into the level of compliance in the American Army in keeping up with their mandatory training, requests for information, and compulsory paperwork.  What did they find? Basically, the Army lies. A lot. Leonard Wong and Stephen J. Gerras interviewed Army officers from different locations, collecting … Continued

Playbook Policy: Was 'Deflate'gate Ever Written In?

… And Other Misconduct in the NFL Back in September, we wrote about how the NFL needed to dust off its Code of Conduct after the Baltimore Ravens scandal with player Ray Rice. We wrote about how that whole schmozle was handled and how important it is to reinforce policies and procedures – aka the … Continued