Compliance: Top Agenda for Canadian Extractives Companies

Canadian oil, gas, and mining companies should be dusting off their compliance programs Starting in 2016, the ‘Extractive Sector Transparency Measures Act’ (ESTMA) comes into force, and Canada’s oil, gas, and mining companies will be required to start tracking payments to government recipients. This new law will require these companies to disclose payments made to … Continued

Whistleblower zeros in on sketchy product reviews

His suspicions were justified Most of us read consumer reviews, right? Amazon, eBay, Apple iTunes Store, Google Play Store, etc. According to an annual survey put on by BrightLocal, 88% of consumers trust online reviews. And 85% of consumers read up to 10 reviews before committing to a product or business. High numbers. No wonder … Continued

Brazilian Competition Authority (CADE) Issues Draft Compliance Guidelines

A Draft of Guidelines for Competition Compliance Programs, That Also Apply to All Compliance Programs The CADE, the Brazilian competition authority, has issued its draft of guidelines on compliance programs. In the draft guidelines,  it mentions that “companies are becoming increasingly aware of the need to implement practices that do not infringe the Competition Law and … Continued

Compliance in Social Media

Careful What You Tweet, Like, Share, Comment on, Post, Pin and Reply To… ! Having a corporate compliance program is crucial in today’s highly regulated business environment. An effective compliance program is an important ingredient of an organization’s internal controls, and is an important component to detecting and preventing any type of violation. Compliance programs … Continued

APAC Fraud & Corruption Survey – Results

Running an Ethical Business Is Central to Attracting and Retaining Top Talent Between February 5 and 23, Ernst & Young conducted a survey of of 1508 employees in large companies in 14 AsiaPAC countries. Their findings showed that fraud prevention is no longer limited to being a legal and compliance issue. The survey, Fraud and … Continued

Companies Need More Than Just Compliance Programs

Slowly, companies seem to be learning that awareness is a better long-term strategy than compliance. The bottom line is that you should want to know what’s happening in your own company. These words are so true! In an article called Compliance Alone Won’t Make Your Company Safe, the author talks about companies not really knowing … Continued

After an Investigation. Now What?

It’s Not Over Until… Well It’s Never Over! I came across a blog post that warrants repeating – after an investigation, it ain’t over! If you were to fill your car up with gas, oil, and other plethora of liquids to make it run smoothly, would you consider it ‘job done’? If you plant a … Continued

2 Questions to Ask About Your Compliance Program

How Strong Is It and Will It Stand up to Regulators? The below article is from the Corporate Compliance Trends blog, and seems to have made its way around the blogosphere. And for good reason, it just makes plain sense. It stresses the importance that one of the best ways for an organization to be … Continued

Study Shows US Army Has Issues With Compliance and Code of Conduct

American Liar Recently, two former Army officers conducted a study into the level of compliance in the American Army in keeping up with their mandatory training, requests for information, and compulsory paperwork.  What did they find? Basically, the Army lies. A lot. Leonard Wong and Stephen J. Gerras interviewed Army officers from different locations, collecting … Continued

10 Ways to Ensure Your Compliance Program Doesn't Buckle Under Pressure

How Strong Is Your Compliance Program? Will It Buckle Under FCPA Pressure? There’s no one-size-fits-all compliance program. Depending on a variety of factors such as size, type of business, industry and risk profile, an organization should determine what is appropriate for its own needs regarding FCPA compliance program best practices. The following are 10 tips … Continued