How One Simple Mistake Got Impressive Results

#EnvelopeGate… yes it has its own hashtag Of course something so utterly shocking is going to get its own hashtag. By all accounts in the media coverage so far, on the Oscar flub that is sure to go down in history, one simple employee mistake that would go against anybody’s better judgement (certainly under these … Continued

TalkTalk Broadband Scandal – Lack of Compliance?

No not the musical band from the UK. The ‘broad’band provider in the UK Seriously though, four million customers of this broadband provider are at risk after it was hit with a second major cyber attack within this past year. But what’s interesting about this story, is that experts referencing it say that many major … Continued

Occupational Health And Safety In The Forest Industry

Protect your employees. Protect yourself! Since January 1, 2015, eight forest workers have died industry-wide in BC. 2014 saw ‘only’ four forest workers killed – though the industry average rate over the last few years remains at eight fatalities a year. This is an incredibly unacceptable number in an industry that, in theory, has strict … Continued

Is Death the New Corruption Antidote?

Apparently in Thailand It Is Better be careful how you’re conducting business in Thailand, or else it could mean the end for you. There’s a new law in town, one that extends to foreign countries who have demanded or accepted bribes in Thailand. The previous legislation allowed the death penalty for Thai officials convicted of bribery, … Continued

Compliance in Social Media

Careful What You Tweet, Like, Share, Comment on, Post, Pin and Reply To… ! Having a corporate compliance program is crucial in today’s highly regulated business environment. An effective compliance program is an important ingredient of an organization’s internal controls, and is an important component to detecting and preventing any type of violation. Compliance programs … Continued

Do You Believe in an Ethical Company? We Do.

We Make Good Companies Better How do we do this? We believe in the importance of an ethical culture throughout a company. We are seeing more companies, big and small, embrace the importance of ethics as a fundamental function working alongside compliance. “Ethics and Compliance”. Over this past year, we’ve seen business leaders recognizing the … Continued

When Can Employees Be Fired Over Their Private Life?

What Happens in Vegas… Well You Know the Rest So, does what happens behind closed doors stay behind closed doors? That depends. The news headlines have been splattered with the events around Jian Ghomeshi and the allegations of violent abuse against women. Jian Ghomeshi is a Canadian broadcaster widely known as the host and co-creator of … Continued

Today's Special – Fraud, Hammers and Nails

“… The Company Was Slow to Respond to Early Threats and Only Belatedly Took Action.” By now we’ve all heard about the latest credit card breach within Home Depot – that account information of 56 million cardholders was compromised in what is the largest known breach of a retail company’s computer network. According to computer … Continued

Don't Entrust Companies Named Hydra With Your Bank Info

Hail Hydra? No Thanks If you’ve watched a Captain America movie before, you’ll know that the name Hydra means bad news. Turns out they were onto something. The Hydra Group, a group of three people that operated a collection of about 20 companies, is being sued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Federal Trade … Continued