Could a New DOJ Policy Actually Put The Bad Guys in Jail?

“Entities act through people, and crime is crime!” – Combating Corporate Misconduct Management and boards need to know that it may not be ‘business as usual’ and it might be time to shake themselves awake. The rules have just changed significantly on how federal prosecutors are going to handle corporate misconduct, and individuals will be a target. … Continued

CFPOA: Canada Increases Corruption Enforcement

On February 5, 2013 the federal government proposed amendments to the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act (CFPOA) which, if passed, were intended to give Canada a much broader reach and pose a more serious threat to Canadians and Canadian businesses who attempt to gain a business advantage through bribery. On June 19, 2013, the … Continued

Things to Consider When Dealing With a Whistleblower

When a company launches an internal ethics or compliance investigation it’s often based upon information that comes from within the organization and has made its way to the legal department. Sometimes the information comes from outside sources, but generally a company’s own employees are the best resource for reporting impropriety. Issues can be spotted by … Continued

UK Bribery Act: Can Universal Jurisdiction Act Affect You?

With a broad set of legal definitions and stiff penalties, the UK Bribery Act is often described as “the toughest anti-corruption legislation in the world”. But while UK-based enterprises and lawyers scramble to avoid the Act’s prosecutorial molars, the real worldwide fear is in reaction to the Act’s long-reaching and deadly fangs: universal jurisdiction. Achieving … Continued

Griffiths Energy Bribery Results in Massive Fine, Cancelled IPO

Calgary-based oil and gas exploration firm Griffiths Energy has seen a $2-milllion bribe paid to a diplomat’s wife turn into a damaging series of events that includes a cancelled IPO and a $10.35-million fine for bribery. After being charged under Canada’s Corruption of Foreign Officials Act, the company was forced to cancel “what would have … Continued

Lance Armstrong: Whistleblowers and Backpedalling

For Lance Armstrong, the damage is done. But for the sport of cycling, there’s no end in sight. The former hero is once again dominating, except this time it’s not the Tour de France—it’s the headlines, tabloids and everything in between. And while Armstrong nervously details his life of steroids and lying, increased scrutiny is given … Continued