Codename Corruption: Inside Rio 2016

Somewhere along our corrupted path of evolution, the Olympic games have mutated from encouraging good relations between the cities of Greece, to paying whatever bribes can be paid to the host city. How on earth have humans brought themselves to this level of conduct? The International Olympic Committee (IOC) certainly has its hands full, especially when … Continued

Big Pharma: Corruption and Unethical Practices

Hippocratic Oath: The ‘Father of Medicine’ would be turning in his grave over today’s corruption If the Hippocratic Oath was taken seriously in many instances, then doctors would not be able to be swayed by pharmaceutical big-wigs. There would not be any allegations against pharmaceutical companies for manufacturing and promoting drugs that aren’t FDA approved, … Continued

Whistleblowers Praised For Speaking Up On Construction Corruption

Quebec construction industry has come crashing down Like a building with insufficient supports and beams, at some point the structure is going to give way. So too has the Quebec construction industry – so to speak – because of corruption After four years of investigation, examination and testimony, the province’s commission on public contracts and … Continued

VW – The Biggest Corporate Cover-up

“Made in Germany” Brand is Threatened While a complete implosion of VW is not likely, the company will be climbing out of this deep cavern for years to come. Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn paid the price of losing his job after the recent revelation that software designed to circumvent emission testing was installed on as many … Continued

Ethical Culture in Large Companies

“Companies that invest in ethics reap an enormous return. Better workplace ethics cut business risks by reducing the chance that serious ethics problems will throw companies off course and distract them from their core business” ERC CEO Patricia Harned In the latest National Business Ethics Survey from ECI (Ethics & Compliance Initiative), it’s no surprise … Continued

Five Reasons You Need to Get a Grip on Corruption Risk

And Five Really Bad Reasons Given to Totally Avoid the Topic Altogether “A strong and visible tone at the top is the best support that Managers can offer to their sales teams who are working in countries ranked very poorly by Transparency International” “When a company Director publicly declares his commitment to a zero tolerance … Continued

Sepp Blatter Proves That Tone at the Top Actually Matters

Sepp Blatter Isn’t Corrupt! Well at least that’s what he’s sticking to. I tend to look at life in a very logical (and some would say naive) way. To me, you can’t just run an organization and not know about corruption and scandal going on right under your nose! Okay perhaps the odd incident will … Continued

Should FIFA Investors Get Red Cards for Corruption and Bribery?

After All, They’re Supplying the Money, Right? Europe is soccer (a’hem, football) nation. But we are all (including those of us on the west side of the pacific pond) paying attention to these latest headlines. “Surprise turns to joy as FIFA president Sepp Blatter announces he’s resigning after 17 years.” Yep, Sepp Blatter, the president, … Continued

World's Major Defense Companies Fail the Corruption Test

May as Well Stamp a Big “F” on Their Compliance Programs! According to Transparency International UK, out of all of our planet’s major defense companies, two-thirds are failing in their endeavour to combat corruption in their business operations. Perhaps one could argue that they aren’t trying at all considering the improvements in industry practices over … Continued

Global Corruption Takeover? We Don't Think So!

Corruption Will Not Rule the World! There’s a multitude of news stories reporting instances of political and corporate corruption around the globe – we see them every day and it’s easy to get pessimistic. But will corruption ever truly rule the world? We don’t think so. With many new legislations going into effect across the … Continued