NBC's the Blacklist or Real-Life Cyber Attack on JPMorgan?

Attack of the Hackers Whenever I watch one of those hacker movies, I always think, “There’s no way they could actually hack into [insert the name of a heavily protected government or financial institution database here]. They just made that up.” Turns out, not so made up. Earlier this year, it was announced that JPMorgan … Continued

How to Protect Your Business Against Cyber Crime

Online Communications Have Changed the World The Internet is an amazing thing. People can gather and share information. You can market and sell goods. You can communicate in real time with people on the other side of the world. Perhaps if I had the Internet available to me when I was attempting to complete essays … Continued

eBay Fails to Warn Its Users Against Cyberattacks

The last time you put something up for auction on eBay, you probably didn’t think your password was also up for grabs. Unfortunately, that is now the situation for an undisclosed number of accounts on the online auction site, as eBay revealed yesterday that their site was hacked over two months ago. Some time between … Continued

Community Banks Need Better Protection Against Cyberthreats

Information Security Media Group’s Fraud Summit Chicago was held last week, where security executives concluded that there is a growing need to share cyberintelligence with smaller institutions. The fraud landscape is changing, and community banks and credit unions need to keep up. But the problem is, they might not have enough resources to do so. … Continued