How to Handle Chatterboxes, Blabbermouths, and Gossipers at Work

And Other Uncool Actions! Okay those words may be a little extreme, but unless you’re five, being one of these ‘characters’ can have serious consequences in the workplace. Giving voice to any type of workplace bullying or harassment, or participating in it (even though you didn’t initiate it) can negatively damage employees, customers, suppliers, and … Continued

This Day in History: A Color Barrier Is Broken – Harassment and Discrimination

Discrimination in the Workplace The harmful treatment of an individual or group, based on certain personal characteristics: mental or physical disability, age, religion or religious creed, family status, marital status, sexual orientation, ancestry, colour, race or perceived race, nationality, place of origin, and receipt of public assistance. Source: Saskatchewan Human Rights This day in history … Continued

Four Steps to Manage Your Whistleblower Complaints

How Do You Manage Your Whistleblower Complaints? Getting employees to speak up when they see signs of wrongdoing is hard. Many employees struggle with initially “taking the plunge” (because that’s how it may feel) for a very long time before finally settling on a decision to just go for it. We’ve seen in the past … Continued