How to Manage Disgruntled Employees

At What Moment Should a Company Worry That an Employee Can Turn Around and Start Killing? Perhaps that employee was always capable of crossing that fatal line; you just didn’t know it. How could you. How could anybody? By now we’ve all seen the heart wrenching news headlines of a disgruntled employee pulling a gun … Continued

Company Culture and Impact on Hiring Employees

“I Don’t Want the Hassle of Interviewing and References, Let’s Just Fill the Position” I was taking a walk at lunch, and happened to be passing by the back end of a local grocery store where some of the employees hang out for breaks. The above phrase… I really heard it, word for word and … Continued

Seasonal Illness in the Workplace

As someone who just had a bout with a nasty viral bronchitis, I thought it timely to look at some of the issues facing both employees and employers in regard to seasonal sickness in the workplace. The weather is colder, the holidays are approaching and flu season is soon to be upon us. That often … Continued

What Is a Code Of Ethics and Does My Business Need One?

What is a code of ethics? A code of ethics, also known as a code of conduct, is a set of standards adopted to govern the conduct of a group of people. Groups such as national medical associations adopt codes of ethics that govern members in individual practices across many places of employ, while individual … Continued