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This Resource Centre is designed to teach you how to use IntegrityCounts and provide you additional resources to support your program.

We're excited to bring you into the WhistleBlower Security Inc. family. We know that implementing an ethics reporting system takes a bit of scrubbing and polishing. The information on this page is meant to help you with all aspects of your new IntegrityCounts whistleblower account. You'll find an assortment of information to get you up and running, and help you roll out your new program to your company. We've broken down the information into categories so you can easily find what you are looking for. Please feel free to download what you need.

IntegrityCounts ‘How to’ Video Library

IntegrityCounts High Level Demonstration
How to File a Report
An Overview of Case Manager
How to Review Your Report
An Overview of Insights
Case Tagging (0:49)
IntegrityCounts - Nov 2022 (36:13)
How to File a Report

0:50…Select Preferred Language
1:53…Review Your Report
1:24…Call the Hotline
2:05…File a Report: Introduction & Terms of Service
2:32…File a Report: Step 2, Location & Confidentiality
3:08…File a Report: Step 2, Protect Your Level of Anonymity
3:55…File a Report: Step 3, Detailed Report
4:27…File a Report: Step 3, Case Types
6:05…File a Report: Step 4, Supporting Documentation
6:43…File a Report: Step 4, Protect Your Report
7:55…File a Report: Step 5, Report Submission
8:14…File a Report: Step 5, Password
8:40…File a Report: Submission Successful

An Overview of Case Manager

0:50…File by Proxy
1:34…Enhanced Search
1:56…Case Search Introduction
2:15…Case Filters
3:10…Adjusting Case Table Columns
3:49…Export to Excel
4:04…Review a Case
5:03…Description & Case Summary
5:28…Case Types
6:16…Restricted Reviewers
9:07…Investigations Team
9:30…Actions & Case Settings
11:12…Activity Log
11:55…Export Case

How to Review Your Report

0:48…Report Information
1:13…Report Description
1:30…Case Types
1:58…Restricted Viewers

An Overview of Insights

0:00…Summary of Insights
1:17…Introduction to graphs
1:40…Drill down feature
3:49…Send to Case Manager

IntegrityCounts ‘How to’ Documents

How to File a Report
How to Use Case Manager
(for Reporter)
How to Use Case Manager
(for Investigators)
Client Awareness Playbook

IntegrityCounts ‘How to’ Video Library

Chapter 1
Intro Video (4:54)
Chapter 2
REPORTER: File A Report (9:59)
Chapter 3
REPORTER: Review Your Report (3:44)
Chapter 4
REPORTER: Other Features (2:17)
Chapter 5
CASE MANAGER: Login and Preview (6:10)
Chapter 6
CASE MANAGER: Case Details (6:14)
Chapter 7
CASE MANAGER: Messaging (4:10)
Chapter 8
CASE MANAGER: Case Status / Closing A Case (3:23)
Chapter 8.2
CASE MANAGER: Activity Log (0:49)
Chapter 9
CASE MANAGER: Enhanced Search (1:51)
Chapter 10
CASE MANAGER: File by Proxy
Chapter 13
INTEGRITYCOUNTS: Reset your Password (1:15)
Chapter 14
INTEGRITYCOUNTS: Case Workflow (1:39)
Chapter 15
FILE A REPORT: Reporter Perspective (13:53)
Demo Part 1
File a Report (8:40)
Demo Part 2
Case Management (8:31)


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