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Since 2005, WhistleBlower Security has been the affordable choice for organizations that want to identify waste, fraud, harassment, and other misconduct through an anonymous employee helpline.


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Our Clients Include

Global Helplines

Toll Free Live Answer Multilingual Helplines

A team of professionals are available 24/7/365. We live-answer our helpline in English, French and Spanish and offer interpretation services for 150 additional languages. Your employees can speak up in their own language and in their own time zone.

Versatile Case Management System

Intuitive, powerful, and easy to use

Increase engagement between employees and organizations to help create a culture of integrity. The case manager interface is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive making it easy for management to review the list of complaints, the status of each investigation (pending, active, closed etc.), as well as how many complaints are deemed urgent.

Powerful Analytics

In-depth and thorough

Powerful insight into the organization’s culture. The IntegrityCounts system offers a centralized, searchable database of all cases, and allows for the ability to view all historical or current reports.


Importance of Policies and Procedures in an Organization
Importance of Policies and Procedures in an Organization

Proven policies and comprehensive procedures help build the foundation of a structured workplace, and better manage day-to-day operations

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Latest Trend: 'Quiet Quitting' - Should You Worry?
Latest Trend: 'Quiet Quitting' - Should You Worry?

Is quiet quitting draining your company culture? Employers may want to take a deeper dive into the company culture and listen to what employees are saying

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Creating Equality in the Workplace: Removing Double Standards
Creating Equality in the Workplace: Removing Double Standards

A whistleblower hotline will help foster a speak-up culture that promotes gender equality and diversity in the workplace. Anonymous whistleblower hotlines

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