Human Powered Ethics Reporting

Our global 24/7/365 Ethics Reporting service offers the most human whistleblower experience in the market, a smarter process with faster response times while maintaining anonymity for whistleblowers, leading to better and more effective investigations.

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Can 'Cancel Culture' Impact Workplace Culture?
Can 'Cancel Culture' Impact Workplace Culture?

Have you heard of ‘cancel culture? If you haven’t, a quick Google search renders: Cancel culture refers to the popular practice of withdrawing support for (canceling) public figures and companies after they have done or said something considered objectionable or…

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6 Ways to Accelerate the Effectiveness of Your Whistleblower Hotline
6 Ways to Accelerate the Effectiveness of Your Whistleblower Hotline

What makes for an effective whistleblower hotline? Do you have a whistleblower hotline? How do you know if it’s functioning effectively? Putting a whistleblower program in place is a great first step, however, it’s important to take the time to…

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3 Common Ethical Violations and How to Mitigate Them
3 Common Ethical Violations and How to Mitigate Them

What are some common violations reported into an ethics hotline? Ethics reporting hotlines are implemented by many companies as a best practice to help mitigate workplace misconduct. These companies know that enabling employees to anonymously speak up when they see…

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Here's what some of our clients think about our product and services.

Elise Rees, Independent Board Director
Great Panther Silver Limited

“Having an independent route for people working in the field to voice their concerns and to highlight issues they think are there is incredibly important.”

Bob Gayton, Independent Director
B2Gold Corp

“I certainly would recommend WhistleBlower Security than anybody, and I have, and this is not just for local people, this is for people all over the world.”

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Who We Are

Human Powered Ethics Reporting

WhistleBlower Security Inc. is the only Women Business Certified Ethics and Compliance-based reporting service provider on the market dedicated to delivering a truly Human Centric Experience. Our flexible and modern Ethics Reporting and Case Management program, IntegrityCounts™, has provided organizations worldwide with the best 24x7x365 reporting experience in the marketplace.

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WhistleBlower Security offers all-inclusive pricing for its Global Ethics Reporting solution that is easy to understand without hidden costs or future surprises.

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  • 24/7/365 access to IntegrityCounts Case Management portal
  • Customized digital wallet cards & posters
  • E-Training videos for management and employees
  • Live webinar training with Senior Management and Key Staff Leaders
  • Code of Conduct/Ethics review and development
  • Communications roll-out strategy and planning consulting
  • Account management and support
  • Global Regulatory consultation

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