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Since 2005, WhistleBlower Security has been a trusted partner for organizations dedicated to identifying waste, fraud, harassment and other misconduct through an intuitive and easy-to-use anonymous employee hotline.


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Build Trust in Your Organization

WhistleBlower Security’s anonymous employee feedback tool enables your employees to speak up without fear of retribution, ensuring that their voices are heard. By offering multiple channels of communication, including toll-free live answer hotlines in English, French, Spanish, and interpretation services for 150 additional languages, we make it easy for employees to report misconduct in their preferred language and time zone. This commitment to anonymity, inclusivity and accessibility helps to build trust and engagement within your organization.

Versatile Case Management System

Intuitive, Powerful, and Easy to Use

The IntegrityCounts case management system for anonymous employee feedback is designed to streamline the reporting and investigation process. With its user-friendly interface the case manager can easily review complaints, track the status of each investigation (pending, active, closed etc.), and prioritize urgent matters. Increase engagement between employees and organizations to help create a culture of integrity.

Data Migration & Integration

Migrate Existing Case Management Data

Never lose track of your historical case management data with our seamless data migration and integration solutions. We prioritize the confidentiality and security of your information, ensuring that your data remains safe at all times. Our IntegrityCounts platform collects, stores, and collaborates data efficiently, providing clear insights into every case without interruption.

Affordable Ethics Hotline for Employees

Secure and Anonymous Feedback Tool

WhistleBlower Security has been providing organizations with an affordable and effective solution for identifying waste, fraud, harassment, and other misconduct since 2005. Our ethics hotline for employees offers a secure and anonymous platform for individuals to voice their concerns and provide valuable feedback. We understand the importance of fostering a culture of integrity, and our comprehensive services are designed to empower organizations and employees alike.

Choose a Proven Ethics Hotline Solution

Proactively Safeguard Your Reputation

WhistleBlower Security is committed to helping organizations create a culture of integrity and transparency. Our comprehensive services, including our ethics hotline for employees and anonymous employee feedback tool, empower individuals to speak up and make a difference.

Learn More About WhistleBlower Security

WhistleBlower Security is your organization’s ultimate ethics hotline solution. For over 18 years our anonymous employee feedback tools have helped companies worldwide identify and address misconduct, fostering a culture of integrity and trust. Our mission is to empower individuals to speak up without fear, providing them with secure channels to report waste, fraud, harassment, and other unethical behaviour.

Effective case management is crucial for organizations to take prompt action and address misconduct. That's why the reliable and secure IntegrityCounts case management platform streamlines reporting and investigation, allowing the case manager to review and track cases with ease.

Choose WhistleBlower Security as your trusted partner in promoting ethics and safeguarding your organization's reputation. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive solutions and how we can help your organization create a culture of integrity.

Frequently Asked Questions

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones.

What is whistleblowing?

It's speaking up about any type of wrongdoing that, if left unknown, could have seriously damaging effects on an organization, entity, or people. Whistleblowing is letting management know about something bad that is happening that they would otherwise not know about.

What is a whistleblower hotline?

It's a safe place where employees (or other stakeholders) can voice their concerns about their employer in a manner that maintains the employer's integrity, and the employees' safety.

A whistleblower hotline goes by many names:

  • Fraud, waste and abuse helpline
  • Intake helpline
  • Reporting helpline
  • Ethics helpline
  • Compliance line
  • Speak-up line

Why should a company incorporate an employee reporting hotline?

They encourage a speak-up culture: If there is wrongdoing happening inside the organization, there's at least one person who knows it's happening. Most employees prefer to report wrongdoing anonymously so allowing them to do so ensures the company becomes aware of wrongdoing sooner.

Know about misconduct sooner: Knowing about misconduct sooner enables organizations to put a stop to it earlier. The sooner you know about it, the less revenue loss and reputational damage.

Understand a deeper issue: Dig deeper to get to the root of an issue. This is the chance to take what is learned and apply it to existing policies, procedures and workplace practices making them even stronger.

Communication with the anonymous reporter: Hotline agents that are trained in empathetic communication and are able to customize the communication with each anonymous caller. This way the organization is able to obtain important information about a certain incident.

Avoid violations and legal battles: Many organizations that face regulatory violations didn't have a mechanism in place for employees to report misconduct. Regulators have been known to lessen penalties or drop them altogether if an organization has done its due diligence and taken appropriate steps to address and investigate issues.


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