12 Days of Holidays Recap – Whistleblowing, Fraud and Other Bad Stuff

Some Good Stuff Too!

Yesterday ended our 12 Days of Holidays blogging spree.
Fraud and scams are unfortunate at the best of times. But during the holidays, it just adds that extra ‘bah humbug’ into your season. Over the past 12 blog posts we highlighted some frauds and scams to be aware of from a consumer point of view, as well as business best practices to help guard against bribery and corruption.
Here’s how they went down:
Mobile App Fraud: The holidays are a fine time for unsuspecting shoppers to come face to face with nasty mobile apps. Did you know that 67 million apps are downloaded every day? Don’t fall victim to one of them.
Crotchety SMS Scams: Scammers are running amok out there just waiting to hijack your personal information if you respond to texts to your phone promising free gifts and prizes. Don’t click on anything you don’t recognize.
Holiday Bribery: The difference between a gift and a bribe can be a tricky one, especially this time of year. Just be careful how you go about it.
Travel Fraud: Looking to get away to that nice looking villa picture your staring at on your computer. Looks nice right? But is it real?
A Data Breach: Lots of credit card transactions are happening this time of year. It stands to reason that businesses need to do their due diligence to prevent a data breach from happening.
Charity Fraud: Giving to charities accelerates this time of year. But is the charity you’re about to donate your money to a bonafide charity?
Online Shopping Fraud:  Want to stay at home and shop in your pyjamas? Just make sure you’re shopping from a retailer you know and trust.
Shoddy E-Cards: Everyone loves “Elf Yourself”. I’ve even seen a “Lego Yourself”. Just be careful when opening an e-card that’s it’s from someone you know.
Due Diligence: The best way to shield your organization and monitor third-party compliance is due diligence. Corruption doesn’t take a back seat during the holidays.
A Code of Conduct: Or was that Code of Ethics? Doesn’t matter, we’ll explain the difference between the two.
Great Company Culture: Just like Santa has accomplished at the North Pole, so should all organizations work to build that great culture.
A Whistleblower Hotline: Truly the hottest gift of the season. It’s what employees want – the ability to report on wrongdoing without fear of reprisal.
We’d love to share our new YouTube channel with you. We’ve been a bit busy over the last little while creating a few videos with some helpful FAQs we know will tickle your fancy. Please feel free to share with colleagues.

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