Mitigate Mining Risk & Uphold Mining Ethics

The mining industry operates on a global scale. As such, remaining fully compliant with all applicable government laws, rules and regulations helps mitigate risk.

A Global Perspective

The mining industry operates on a vast global scale, facing an array of complex challenges. Compliance with an intricate web of government laws, rules, and regulations is essential to mitigate mining risk effectively. WhistleBlower Security recognizes the significance of ethics and compliance in the mining sector, and we are committed to supporting mining companies in upholding the highest ethical standards.

Ethics and Compliance in Mining

The mining industry is subject to a multitude of local, territorial, and federal acts, making ethics and compliance a paramount concern. As mining operations navigate through various regions, they must develop strategies that account for diverse environmental, political, and commercial interests. Remaining vigilant in daily business operations is crucial to mitigating risks and avoiding potentially devastating consequences.

Ethics and Compliance Solutions

Global Ethics Hotline
Facilitates safe, anonymous reporting of misconduct 24/7/365. A team of professionals are available to live-answer any caller in 150 local languages.
Case Management System
A compliance solution provides a centralized platform that captures reports of misconduct from anywhere in the world, allowing leadership to take proactive measures to mitigate risks and areas of concern.
Data Privacy and Security
Systems and applications available 24/7/365 via Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, providing strong data privacy and security capabilities, meeting worldwide privacy standards.
Powerful Analytics
Provides an extensive view inside report data to identify serious ethical, safety, and regulatory issues that could become trends if not terminated quickly.

Choose WhistleBlower Security as Your Mining Ethics Partner

With decades of experience, WhistleBlower Security is your trusted partner in mining ethics and compliance. We understand the unique challenges faced by the mining industry and tailor our solutions to suit your specific requirements. Together, let’s build a culture of integrity, transparency, and accountability within your mining organization, safeguarding your reputation and enhancing your sustainability in a dynamic global landscape.

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Member Testimonials

Here's what some of our clients think about our product and services.

Elise Rees, Independent Board Director
Great Panther Silver Limited

“Having an independent route for people working in the field to voice their concerns and to highlight issues they think are there is incredibly important.”

Bob Gayton, Independent Director
B2Gold Corp

“I certainly would recommend WhistleBlower Security than anybody, and I have, and this is not just for local people, this is for people all over the world.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones.

Why do we need this?

WhistleBlower Security is the only ethics and compliance based reporting service provider on the market dedicated to delivering a truly Human Centric Experience. Our flexible and modern Ethics Reporting and Case Management program, IntegrityCounts, has provided organizations worldwide with the best 24x7x365 reporting experience in the marketplace.

Since 2005, WBS has been dedicated to safeguarding hundreds of organizations against risk and fraud globally, while promoting and improving ethical work environments. The IntegrityCounts solution will enhance your organizational integrity and empower both employee and stakeholder contributions to developing an ethical workplace. WBS works with public, private and non-profits to augment, support and enhance cultures of integrity, accountability and transparency.

Can our employees use the call center services if they are outside of North America?

WhistleBlower Security is able to provide call center services outside of North America. The hotline is available in 150 languages outside of English, French, and Spanish, and is supported by our interpretation partner.

Can you be anonymous in any country?

In certain countries, Reporters are not allowed to be anonymous according to the local regulations. Our system adjusts to this criteria accordingly.

How is my identity protected?

The IntegrityCounts reporting system is operated by WhistleBlower Security Inc. and is independent from your organization; we do not track IP addresses or subscribe to caller I.D. services. We use the latest in encryption and security technology including firewalls to ensure that our system is secure. You must take care when providing information in your report and ensure that you do not provide personal details or information that will expose your identify if you want to remain anonymous.