Holistic Risk Management for Retailers

In today’s complex retail landscape, there’s no shortage of regulators and critics to highlight the retailer’s shortfalls.  Retailers’ doors are open to the general public, with millions of employees tasked to act as ambassadors of the retailer.  It’s no wonder that at times, things don’t go the way a retailer planned.

When things go wrong, the risk is loss of merchandise, cash, profit, people, reputation, legal issues and/or loss of overall value to the brand.  Allowing malfeasance to continue places your organization in a compromising position that can attract further legal action both civilly and criminally. That’s why the reports are so valuable.

WhistleBlower Security services all retail sub-sectors, including:


The impact due to regulatory violations can be devastating, both to the pharmacy’s brand, reputation and financial sustainability. In addition, the risk of drug theft and self-prescribed medication by pharmacists has made ethics and compliance reporting and case management a critical component of a Retail Pharmacy’s risk management strategy. Is your organization fully protected?


Retail Grocers are challenged by increasing regulatory requirements that have created greater risk exposure. Food safety oversight is a critical component to mitigate risk and protect a grocer’s reputation and bottom line. As a result, Grocers must proactively manage and mitigate risk organically, rather than wait for Regulators to find issues.


When employees do choose to report misconduct, these reports are not always clear cut, and are often siloed.

WhistleBlower Security believes in taking a holistic approach to managing your program. We bring departments together to solve issues where different perspectives and knowledge of corporate policies can help mitigate risk and potential fines.

Our IntegrityCounts™ Case Management system is uniquely designed to bring your key stakeholders under one platform. Our solution provides Retail Pharmacies and Grocers with the ability to triage and manage cases in a team environment, sharing insights and key knowledge while cases are being investigated.


Toll free Telephone Hotline

Toll-Free Telephone Hotline Live Number and Answer Services provide 24/7/365 availability to accept and manage anonymous workplace-related incident reports to the client’s toll-free locations.

Multiple Report Mechanisms

Multiple Report Mechanisms allow for the integration of hotline calls, email, fax and web form service into our IntegrityCounts™ Case Management System.

WBS Global Ethics Hotline

WBS’s Global Ethics Hotline is fully bilingual to better serve English and French clients, with multi-language interpretation available in up to 220 languages.


Reports are designed to have a unique number and password assigned to them.

Global Regulatory Compliance

Global Regulatory Compliance is achieved with the help of a WBS agent who will assist you in ensuring your system is in compliance with global regulatory nuances.

Intuitive Process

Intuitive Process: WBS’s process for onboarding, intake, and response ensures an intuitive and friendly experience for your staff.

Data Protection

Data Protection is guaranteed with Canada’s data protection and privacy legislation, in addition to WBS’s system. We ensure your confidential information is secure.


WhistleBlower Security has partnered with Bottom Line Matters, a retail focused consultancy specializing in loss prevention and risk management solutions.

Understanding the complexities of dealing with the wide range of possible allegations, Bottom Line Matters can provide guidance and expertise in the following areas;

  • Loss Prevention Management system
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Food Safety
  • Corporate Security
  • Internal Investigations
  • Ethics


“For the past five years, BC Safety Authority (BCSA) has utilized WhistleBlower Security (IntegrityCounts™) for our internal and external confidential reporting. The service provided to BCSA by WhistleBlower Security is very professional. Any questions we may have, are addressed quickly and efficiently. As a confidential service, both employees and the public are secure in the knowledge that their identity remain anonymous. We have no hesitation in recommending WhistleBlower Security.”
BC Safety Authority
“B2Gold has utilized WhistleBlower Security’s ethics hotline and case management services for over a decade. Their service, responsiveness, and attention to detail has been greatly appreciated given the diversity of our global operations. They are committed to ensuring their clients are taken care of and that our employees have an alternative, safe and consistent method of communicating with us. We absolutely recommend them as a reliable, proactive partner that will deliver on their promises.”
B2 Gold

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