Effortless Whistleblower Reporting Software Integration

Secure Data Migration and Integration Solutions

WhistleBlower Security understands the importance of keeping your sensitive data safe and secure throughout the process of migration and integration. Our team works closely with yours to seamlessly move and integrate your data into our IntegrityCounts platform, ensuring a smooth transition. With our centralized system, you can maintain clear insights into each case without any interruption.

Maintain Data Integrity and Accessibility

With our whistleblower reporting and compliance case management software, your historical case management data is never lost or compromised. Our advanced security measures eliminate downtime and protect your data from breaches. Our intuitive interface allows for easy analysis of historical data, enabling efficient comparisons between cases and quick searches of new and imported reports.

Your Trusted Partner for Ethics Case Management

WhistleBlower Security serves as your dedicated partner in ethics reporting and case management. We possess the expertise needed to support your organization while ensuring safety and compliance. Our secure whistleblower reporting software enables you to capture, record, and resolve incident reports promptly and conveniently.

Broad Accessibility and Multilingual Support
Empower your team to report misconduct or illegal activity immediately with our 24/7/365 access to the Global Ethics Hotline and Web Intake Portal. Whether locally or globally, our platform offers comprehensive accessibility. Additionally, our multilingual support ensures individuals from around the world can utilize our global hotline or web portal to communicate their concerns.
Single Secure Platform for Effective Case Resolution
Manage all your cases effortlessly with our user-friendly platform. Utilize the dashboard features to search, address, store, and monitor issues securely. Our anonymous dialogue functionality facilitates seamless communication and collaboration within your team, enabling a swifter and more efficient investigation process.
Turnkey Ethics Compliance Solution Tailored to Your Needs
Our data migration and integration solutions offer a turnkey ethics compliance solution without requiring additional IT support. As your organization grows, our configurable case management solution adapts to your evolving needs, ensuring a tailored approach.

Why IntegrityCounts?

Exporting Data
Transfer individual case data into other platforms so you can easily keep track of all your reported cases.
Importing Data
We will import your historical data into the IntegrityCounts platform so you always have access to it.
Flexible integration enables you to combine and collaborate data with the tools and platforms you need.
Two-Way Integration
Simplify data transfer between IntegrityCounts and your preferred Human Resources platform.
Secure Encryption
Maintain strict control over all sensitive information when transferring, importing or integrating data.
Improve Workflow
Improve workflow efficiency when transferring all relevant data into our system, or when migrating to other platforms within your organization.

Data Protection Measures

Your data will always be protected.

  • 1

    Your data is protected by a firewall with access to the data layer filtered to requests from specified IP addresses.

  • 2
    Intrusion Detection

    Azure monitors the PaaS traffic and logs.

  • 3

    We use Azure App Services, Azure SQL and Azure blob storage. Virus and malware protection runs on both the host systems as well as the virtual operating systems.

  • 4
    Penetration Test

    WBS conducts annual penetration testing and maintains a Netragard Silver Certificate.

Data Privacy and Security

Our solutions are combined with advanced security and data management

  1. Data Storage
    The IntegrityCounts system runs on a redundant virtual and network infrastructure. In the event of a single hardware failure the application will continue to be operational. There would be no downtime or data loss. Recovery points for our databases are every 10 minutes (RPO) to protect against data loss / data corruption. We can restore from our recovery points within 30 minutes (RTO).
  2. Data Availability
    The strongly encrypted data and software exist in multiple copies within the primary data centre to provide a solution that is highly redundant and resistant to failure. This guarantees greater than 99.95% uptime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We also geo-replicate your data to the secondary Canadian Azure data centre to offer disaster recovery in the event of a complete data centre loss.
  3. Data Transmission
    All incident report details are encrypted both during transmission and while at rest, and WBS maintains strict controls over who has access to systems that store confidential data. The information is encrypted using TLS between the client and the server. Once on the server the structured data is encrypted into an MS SQL Azure RDBMS using Transparent Data Encryption (AES-256).

Customer Support

Our customer success program doesn’t stop once your system is up and running.

  1. Client Support
    WhistleBlower Security prides itself on high quality and personalized service to our clients.
  2. Customer Success Team
    Our Customer Success Team is always available to you for any ongoing support to your account, or any questions you may have, no matter where you are located.
  3. Knowledge Base
    Our knowledge base hosts a number of self-service videos, eBook and other documents available to you at anytime.

Choose WhistleBlower Security for Secure Data Migration and Integration

Trust WhistleBlower Security for secure data migration and integration. We prioritize the safety and confidentiality of your data throughout the process, providing a seamless transition and comprehensive support. Contact us today to discuss the best compliance case management software option for your data migration and integration requirements.

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