The GRC landscape is always changing and Ethics and Compliance professionals are constantly navigating though the complex world of regulations to ensure their companies are compliant. WBS is committed to helping companies remain compliant with global regulations.

GDPR Compliance

GDPR was enacted in May 2018, as a new privacy regulation across the European Union focused on protecting and enabling the privacy rights of individuals.

Ensure your organization understands this regulation and is able to implement it into its business.

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SOX and Multi-Lateral Instrument 52-110 Compliance

Sarbanes Oxley and Multilateral Instrument 52-110 require public companies to establish procedures for receiving ethics complaints.

IntegrityCounts provides public companies with the tools needed to receive internal accounting controls complaints

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Regulations SOX 800x534 v1
Regulations AUS 800x534 v1

Compliance with Australia’s Whistleblower legislation

Australian companies are required to have a mechanism in place to receive ethics related complaints.

IntegrityCounts provides companies with the tools needed to receive complaints about unethical behaviour.

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Public Interest Disclosure Act (PIDA)

British Columbia’s public sector employees are encouraged to report wrongdoing under the Public Interest Disclosure Act (PIDA).

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