Risk & Compliance Management Solutions

The landscape of ethics and privacy regulations is constantly changing. Is your organization keeping up? To remain compliant with regulations both at home and abroad, it is imperative for organizations to stay updated on policies and procedures for ethics management. Our confidential Ethics Reporting and Case Management system gives you the necessary support to ensure your company understands and implements relevant procedures that safeguard your operations.

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GDPR Compliance Management Solutions

GDPR was enacted in May 2018, as a new privacy regulation across the European Union focused on protecting and enabling the privacy rights of individuals.

Ensure your organization understands this regulation and is able to implement it into its business.

SOX and Multi-Lateral Instrument 52-110 Compliance Management Solutions

Sarbanes Oxley and Multilateral Instrument 52-110 require public companies to establish procedures for receiving ethics complaints.

IntegrityCounts provides public companies with the tools needed to receive internal accounting controls complaints.

Compliance Management Solutions for Australia’s Whistleblower Legislation

Australian companies are required to have a mechanism in place to receive ethics related complaints.

IntegrityCounts provides companies with the tools needed to receive complaints about unethical behaviour.

Compliance Management Solutions for BC’s Public Interest Disclosure Act (PIDA)

British Columbia’s public sector employees are encouraged to report wrongdoing under the Public Interest Disclosure Act (PIDA).

Compliance Management Solutions for the EU Whistleblowing Directive

The EU Directive applies to all companies with more than 50 employees and stipulates that they set up suitable whistleblower reporting channels and protect all whistleblowers who report a violation of EU law.

Adhere to Security Regulations At Home and Abroad

Whether your business is based in Canada, the United States or elsewhere, regulations are in place so that employees can safely and confidently voice their concerns of misconduct, illegal activity or inappropriate behaviour in the workplace. This means that reports must be received and handled with absolute confidentiality. Whether the report is concerning a team member, upper management or otherwise, anonymity and peace of mind for employees is a must. Our IntegrityCounts Global Ethics Reporting and Compliance Case Management platform ensures your organization meets all global regulatory requirements.

Dedicated Solution for Reporting, Receiving and Investigating Misconduct

Organizations without a whistleblowing policy are not only more vulnerable to theft, fraud and corruption, but they could also encounter significant fines. As the policies and regulations surrounding compliance are constantly evolving, many companies fail to implement the programs and training that are required. Rather than putting your business at greater risk of financial loss, reputational harm and public scrutiny, we help you develop the right strategies to make your team feel confident to come forward.

Keeps Your Business Compliant with IntegrityCounts:

Allow Employees to File Reports Without Fear of Retaliation
Employees can file reports without risk of retaliation when they want to speak up about illegal or inappropriate incidents that are happening in the workplace.
Keep Up with Regulations Internally and Externally
Whether you’re a small and local operation or multifaceted with several global branches, our Global Ethics Reporting and Case Management system will help your entire business remain responsible and compliant with regulations.
Raise Awareness and Understanding
Build awareness and understanding of internal activities that are happening under the radar and take action to investigate and remedy them quicker.
Improve Ethics Training
Robust reporting and analytics give you the tools to improve ethics training throughout your organization, both internally and externally.
Identify Red Flags
Mitigate risks by identifying red flags, hotspots, and patterns of unethical behaviour and take appropriate action.

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Global Hotlines and Case Management
Giving you the tools to create a speak up culture.
Powerful Analytics
Dive deep into the organization’s culture.
WBE Certified
The only Ethics Hotline provider on the market certified Women Business Owned.