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How do we do this? We believe in the importance of an ethical culture throughout a company.
We are seeing more companies, big and small, embrace the importance of ethics as a fundamental function working alongside compliance. “Ethics and Compliance”. Over this past year, we’ve seen business leaders recognizing the important role ethics plays in their companies, as an essential priority for business success.
Let’s take a step back and look at the psychology behind making a good company better. It takes a strong and committed company to say “we’re not perfect and there’s always room for improvement”. Even the best of the best out there can always make room for improvement. This is what ensures growth and success.
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Let’s take this scenario. Just the other day, Cristiano Rinaldo won footballer of the year award. He’s the best player in FIFA. This is his third win. You might think “well there’s nothing more for him to improve on”. Wrong. There’s always something to improve on. Rinaldo will head back to the Real Madrid field and continue to improve his craft.
In business, there’s always something to improve on – to do better. The best businesses, the best brands out there, have something to improve upon. That’s because the environment and expectations are ever changing.
Most growing companies want to be better. They are realizing that investing in their culture is important for growth and sustainability. They are focusing more on ethical behaviours working alongside compliance policies, procedures and guidelines. Many companies are taking a second, third, fourth, fifth, look at their codes of conduct and scaling down the message around a core set of values and beliefs – these will differ depending on industry and type of business. And a funny thing happens – once values and beliefs are embedded into a company’s culture, they take off by themselves, taking on a new life.
Here’s how that works. The vast majority of people act based on the circumstances in their environment and the standards set by leaders and peers, even if it means compromising their personal moral ideals. Good people will do bad things if they are put in an environment that doesn’t value its own ethics and values. If someone is pressured to believe that they don’t have any choice but to get the job done a certain way, they are going to do just that, whatever the cost.
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But if an company has instilled a “totally amazing, this is the best place to work because the leaders are walking and talking the good walk and talk, this company is on the right track to success and I’m proud to be a part of it” culture, employees are going to mimic the strong ethics and values and help drive that success. Because they believe in it.
Employees at ethical companies are more likely to question and report wrongdoing and unethical behaviour. Because unethical behaviour is going to happen no matter how great you think your company is. The world is run by people, and even the most ethical companies are going to come face to face with people who don’t have the company’s best interests at heart.
An ethical culture has to seep through every layer of a company, from sales, to operations, administration and to employees who are fighting on the frontlines of every business. Employees need to believe in the company rather than just work by the rules. Believers are happier and more productive employees, compared to employees who perform their jobs while making sure they do not break the rules.
We believe in ethical companies. Do you?
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