Global Ethics Hotline

WhistleBlower Security’s Ethics Reporting System includes a 24/7/365 Global Ethics Hotline Service to provide your organization with an efficient and trustworthy ethics reporting process, helping employees, customers, and suppliers feel safe and secure when reporting ethics and compliance-related issues.
Global Ethics Hotline

Our Global Ethics system facilitates the ability to engage in anonymous and confidential dialogue between the reporter and the organization. Small firms and not-for-profit organizations greatly benefit from a Global Ethics Hotline because they are more vulnerable to the damage caused by employee distress, theft, and fraud. For instance, an organization’s revenues can be eroded by fraud by as much as 10%. But with the presence of a Global Ethics Hotline, early detection increases up to 40%. By implementing a hotline and case management solutions, you are consolidating your business’ reputation and operations.

Our Canadian-based call-centre agents are well trained in empathetic and compassionate investigative techniques, offering an “always live” human experience that ensures your employees are protected and supported.

When you use our Global Ethics Hotline, our agents always take the necessary time to create a thorough and comprehensive report. Whether the call takes 10 minutes or 45 minutes, our contact centre agent’s primary focus is to create a professional, courteous, and comfortable environment for your employees.

Your organization has an immediate impenetrable system when you’re under WBS’s care. In addition to providing a Global Ethics system for your organization’s employees, our data privacy and protection practices prevent unauthorized access to confidential information. This is enforced by the data’s residence in Canada.

WBS’s intelligent and trustworthy process leads to more effective investigations, lower risks and a stronger culture of integrity.

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Toll free Telephone Hotline

Toll-Free Telephone Hotline Live Number and Answer Services provide 24/7/365 availability to accept and manage anonymous workplace-related incident reports to the client’s toll-free locations.

Multiple Report Mechanisms

Multiple Report Mechanisms allow for the integration of hotline calls, email, fax and web form service into our IntegrityCounts™ Case Management System.

WBS Global Ethics Hotline

WBS’s Global Ethics Hotline is fully bilingual to better serve English and French clients, with multi-language interpretation available in up to 220 languages.


Reports are designed to have a unique number and password assigned to them.

Global Regulatory Compliance

Global Regulatory Compliance is achieved with the help of a WBS agent who will assist you in ensuring your system is in compliance with global regulatory nuances.

Intuitive Process

Intuitive Process: WBS’s process for onboarding, intake, and response ensures an intuitive and friendly experience for your staff.

Data Protection

Data Protection is guaranteed with Canada’s data protection and privacy legislation, in addition to WBS’s system. We ensure your confidential information is secure.

7 Reasons to Implement a Whistleblower Hotline


“For the past five years, BC Safety Authority (BCSA) has utilized WhistleBlower Security (IntegrityCounts™) for our internal and external confidential reporting. The service provided to BCSA by WhistleBlower Security is very professional. Any questions we may have, are addressed quickly and efficiently. As a confidential service, both employees and the public are secure in the knowledge that their identity remain anonymous. We have no hesitation in recommending WhistleBlower Security.”
BC Safety Authority
“B2Gold has utilized WhistleBlower Security’s ethics hotline and case management services for over a decade. Their service, responsiveness, and attention to detail has been greatly appreciated given the diversity of our global operations. They are committed to ensuring their clients are taken care of and that our employees have an alternative, safe and consistent method of communicating with us. We absolutely recommend them as a reliable, proactive partner that will deliver on their promises.”
B2 Gold

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