Efficient Compliance Software Implementation for Streamlined Processes

A Proven Solution for Ethics Reporting

Incidents of fraud, embezzlement and harmful behaviour are often uncovered and reported by employees. But if your employees don’t have the necessary tools, protection and confidence in your organization’s procedures, they may choose to ignore it instead of coming forward. No matter the size or scope of your business, if you’re not actively building a workplace of trust and integrity, you’re leaving your company vulnerable.

Streamline Processes by Switching Vendors

As a business, you don’t have time to waste trying to navigate new programs.

That’s why our flexible and adaptable quick start setup is designed to streamline processes and make it easy and effortless to establish whistleblowing procedures within your business.

Within 4 to 6 weeks, you can have your ethics hotline and case management system up and running so your team can start using it as soon as possible. Our professional team will work closely with you and your team to implement the compliance software, integrate and transfer data from existing platforms, and support you and your team with all of the necessary training along the way.

IntegrityCounts Quick Start Compliance Software Implementation

Frustrated with your current ethics hotline?

Change is hard sometimes. But we know your compliance program is important to you, so we make switching ethics hotline vendors easy and painless. WhistleBlower Security is the better alternative for compliance software implementation.

We make the process of switching vendors a streamlined and seamless operation by providing a smooth transition from your existing platform. Clear communication and step by step guidance ensures your data is securely integrated. Customizing options ensure your program is built to suit your unique business needs.

Individual and company-wide training ensures that every user is comfortable using the platform. Live and on-demand training options fit everyone’s schedules. And our team of professionals will work with you to create a communication plan and other written documentation to help promote your program.

New to Ethics Hotlines?

Compliance Software Implementation is your first line of defence against misconduct.

For companies thinking about implementing compliance software in the form of an ethics hotline, but not quite sure where to start, our easy to use platform, and friendly customer service will make the decision easy!

Employees often choose to keep quiet when they have valuable information regarding unethical behaviour in the workplace if they don’t feel safe to speak up. This could cost your business financial and reputational loss that can be avoided if you had a streamlined process in place to empower employees to come forward.

Having an anonymous ethics reporting hotline gives your staff a secure outlet to express their concerns without having to worry about revealing their identity or worrying about how their reported information will be handled. An ethics hotline is your first line of defence against misconduct and other costly behaviour.

IntegrityCounts Custom Landing Page

Inviting employees to report while building trust.

Every organization’s ethics program has a unique set of requirements. We work closely with your stakeholders to understand your ethics and compliance software implementation program and create a flexible customized solution that meets the needs of your organization.

Your IntegrityCounts Custom Landing Page should meet the unique requirements of your organization’s ethics and compliance software implementation program. Our team of design experts will work closely with your team to develop a custom landing page that best resonates with your culture, inviting employees to report while building trust.

Flexible Around Your Business’ Needs

Every business, regardless of the industry, should have a strategy and policy in place that guarantees the protection of those who report any incidents of misconduct or unethical behaviour in the workplace. This not only benefits your team, but it also helps to safeguard your business against illegal activity that could lead to serious ramifications.

Whether you’re a small operation or a growing multifaceted corporation, our ethics reporting and case management program gives you and your team the tools to report and identify areas of concern, investigate flagged activity, take appropriate action, and develop better strategies to improve in the future.

Increase Transparency
Your staff are often the first to notice any misconduct, but they rarely come forward because they fear potential repercussions to their career and reputation. Having an anonymous whistleblowing hotline gives employees the confidence they need to make that important call.
Improve Workforce Productivity
It’s incredibly hard to focus on work when you know there’s misconduct happening around you. With a safe and secure method for reporting unethical or corrupt behaviour, your team can feel at ease knowing that they can report something without having to worry about retaliation from colleagues, supervisors or management.
Maintain Reputation Integrity
All it takes is one bad apple to drag your organization’s good name through the mud. You can protect your reputation with an effective whistleblower system that will help you uncover and address unethical behaviour before it’s too late.
Maintain Regulatory Compliance
Many organizations are mandated to have a whistleblower policy and procedure in place as part of their regulatory requirements. Having a whistleblower hotline and case management system can ensure your business is compliant and audit-ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones.

How do you support clients once implementation is complete?

Our support for clients goes on once implementation is complete. Your team will have their assigned Account Manager as a first point of contact and will also have the resources at Head Office for any support required. There is a toll free hotline that will connect you with our Head Office for any system issues or you can email support@integritycounts.ca and a customer service representative will reach out to address any issues. Your Account Manager will also reach out quarterly to check in and ensure the system is working to your team’s expectations and to discuss anything we can do to help with awareness or education.

What makes for the most effective hotline?

First, the program must be available 24/7/365. Next, one of the biggest threats to an effective whistleblower hotline is lack of awareness and engagement. If employees and stakeholders don't know of the availability of the service or are cynical when made aware of the service, the program will not be effective or successful. An effective program requires communications planning, training, management support, and policies and procedures to support both the launch of a system and the ongoing effectiveness.

Why is outsourcing this service better than having an in-house program?

The IntegrityCounts Ethics Reporting and Case Management program offers third party transparency and a secure amalgamated database that enables our clients to proactively identify and react to trends within their organization. By encapsulating all incident related data in a single place, our clients are better able to holistically manage issues on a continual basis.

Our ‘live-answer’ hotline Contact Center Agents are available 24/7/365, in over 150 languages, and are trained in empathetic and investigative techniques to support your employees when they do decide to come forward.

Overall, it is a comprehensive system that cannot be duplicated by an internal system with part-time support.

Can our employees use the hotline at any time?

Yes, our hotline is available 24/7/365.

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