Seamless Online Reporting with IntegrityCounts

IntegrityCounts Web Intake Reporting

Empower your employees with the ease and convenience of filing reports online through IntegrityCounts Web Intake Reporting. WhistleBlower Security understands the importance of keeping the lines of communication open for employees who prefer the simplicity of online reporting over phone calls. Our web-based portal provides a quick and intuitive platform, minimizing clicks and pop-ups, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free reporting experience.

The IntegrityCounts reporting process is effortless. Employees can access the multilingual web form from anywhere in the world, making it inclusive and accessible for a diverse workforce. The questionnaire guides reporters in effectively communicating their concerns, and they have the option to choose between anonymity and transparency when filing their reports, ensuring maximum comfort and peace of mind.

Our user-friendly portal streamlines the handling of cases, collecting, assigning, and tracking them efficiently. This centralized approach provides management with valuable insights into cases that demand immediate attention, enabling timely and appropriate actions. High-priority cases are seamlessly escalated, ensuring a swift response to potential risks and threats.

Benefits of Web Intake Reporting

Quick and Powerful
anonymously report misconduct
Maximum Anonymity
provides total peace of mind
Easier Process
improves the reporting frequency
Faster Response
stay informed of immediate risks and threats
Regulatory Requirements
regarding the encryption of transferred and stored data
forms that capture the data you need
Centralized Approach
real-time data collection and analytics
provides insights for informed decision-making
Inclusive Culture
where everyone feels comfortable speaking up

Key Features

We make speaking up about misconduct safe and easy.

Embrace Anonymity, Amplify Trust

Trust is at the heart of an effective ethics reporting program, and IntegrityCounts Web Intake Reporting amplifies that trust through anonymity. Our web-based portal empowers reporters to file misconduct reports anonymously, ensuring their peace of mind while fostering a safe environment for speaking up. With the ease and efficiency of the online reporting process, employees are encouraged to participate actively in the ethics reporting program.

Trust in our compliance with regulatory requirements regarding data encryption, ensuring the confidentiality and security of transferred and stored data. The customization options for landing pages and case types allow you to tailor the experience to your organization's unique branding and policies. Choose IntegrityCounts Web Intake Reporting and embrace anonymity as a catalyst for building trust and integrity within your organization.

How it Works

Multilingual web form can be used on any device, from anywhere in the world.

  • 1

    Reporter follows the questionnaire to communicate their concern.

  • 2

    The Reporter chooses whether they file anonymously or transparently.

  • 3

    The Reporter reviews the details they have entered prior to submitting the case.

  • 4

    The report is immediately submitted to the company’s designated administrators.

Secure, Seamless, and Simple: File Reports Online

WhistleBlower Security understands that security is paramount when it comes to ethics reporting. Our IntegrityCounts Web Intake Reporting offers a secure and seamless solution for employees to file reports online. With an easy-to-navigate web portal, employees can effortlessly communicate their concerns without any hassle.

We prioritize the safety and confidentiality of reporters, providing a maximum anonymity option that empowers individuals to speak up fearlessly. The web-based system complies with stringent regulatory requirements, ensuring the encryption of transferred and stored data. Embrace simplicity, efficiency, and security with IntegrityCounts Web Intake Reporting and bolster your organization's ethics reporting program.

Data Privacy and Security

Our solutions are combined with advanced security and data management.

  1. Data Storage
    The IntegrityCounts system runs on a redundant virtual and network infrastructure. In the event of a single hardware failure the application will continue to be operational. There would be no downtime or data loss. Recovery points for our databases are every 10 minutes (RPO) to protect against data loss / data corruption. We can restore from our recovery points within 30 minutes (RTO).
  2. Data Availability
    The strongly encrypted data and software exist in multiple copies within the primary data centre to provide a solution that is highly redundant and resistant to failure. This guarantees greater than 99.95% uptime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We also geo-replicate your data to the secondary Canadian Azure data centre to offer disaster recovery in the event of a complete data centre loss.
  3. Data Transmission
    All incident report details are encrypted both during transmission and while at rest, and WBS maintains strict controls over who has access to systems that store confidential data. The information is encrypted using TLS between the client and the server. Once on the server the structured data is encrypted into an MS SQL Azure RDBMS using Transparent Data Encryption (AES-256).

Customize the online experience

We work with our clients to ensure the online reporting experience is quick, easy, and intuitive for employees.

Custom Landing Page
Promote your program with a custom landing page that mirrors your brand colours, logos, vision, mission, and values.
Custom Case Types
Customize reported case types to best reflect your policies and procedures.

Customer Support

Our customer success program doesn’t stop once your system is up and running.

  1. Client Support
    WhistleBlower Security prides itself on high quality and personalized service to our clients.
  2. Customer Success Team
    Our Customer Success Team is always available to you for any ongoing support to your account, or any questions you may have, no matter where you are located.
  3. Knowledge Base
    Our knowledge base hosts a number of self-service videos, eBook and other documents available to you at anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones.

Is the system linked with our organization’s computer or web server?

No, the whistleblower reporting system, IntegrityCounts, is not linked to your organization’s computer. IntegrityCounts is operated independently from your organization and hosted on separate servers inaccessible by any third party.

What browsers are used, and is Java needed?

All that is needed is a modern browser with an internet connection and JavaScript enabled. The system is available for PCs, laptops, and mobile optimized for both Android and iOS tablets/phones. There are no special ‘plug ins’ required. Browsers supported include but are not limited to:

Internet Explorer 11
Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge

What languages is the web intake form available in?

The web intake form is available in 25 different languages, with new languages added every year. Currently the form is available in:



Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese

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