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Your First Line of Defense Against Misconduct

Employees often choose to keep quiet when they have valuable information regarding unethical behaviour in the workplace if they don’t feel safe to speak up. This could cost your business financial and reputational loss that can be avoided if you had a system in place to empower employees to come forward. Having an anonymous ethics reporting hotline gives your staff a secure outlet to express their concerns without having to worry about revealing their identity or worrying about how their reported information will be handled. An ethics hotline is your first line of defense against misconduct and other costly behaviour.

Our Global Ethics Hotline Will Help Your Business:

Increase Transparency

Most business-related risks go undetected for far too long. To uncover unethical and illegal behaviour before it’s too late, you need to lean on your employees. Your staff are often the first to notice any misconduct, but they rarely come forward because they fear potential repercussions to their career and reputation. Having an anonymous whistleblowing hotline gives employees the confidence they need to make that important call.

Improve Workforce Productivity

It’s incredibly hard to focus on work when you know there’s misconduct happening around you. With a safe and secure method for reporting unethical or corrupt behaviour, your team can feel at ease knowing that they can report something without having to worry about retaliation from colleagues, supervisors or management.

Maintain the Integrity of Your Staff

When employees have access to an effective and reliable ethics reporting system, they’re more likely to follow the laws and codes of conduct to avoid facing any repercussions.

Maintain Reputation Integrity

All it takes is one bad apple to drag your organization’s good name through the mud. You can protect your reputation with an effective whistleblower system that will help you uncover and address unethical behaviour before it’s too late.

Increase Profitability

Fraud and legal infractions caused by your employees can seriously damage your revenues, and financial reputation. Having an ethics hotline in place will help you safeguard your business against risk and limit any infractions or lawsuits that could be brought against you.

Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Many organizations are mandated to have a whistleblower policy and procedure in place as part of their regulatory requirements. Having a whistleblower hotline and case management system can ensure your business is compliant and audit-ready.

Promote Ethical Culture

Having a whistleblowing program in place can motivate your staff to make the right decisions. It also sends a strong message that your codes of Ethics and Conduct should be taken seriously.

Frequently asked questions

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones.

Why is outsourcing this service better than having an in-house program?

The IntegrityCounts Ethics Reporting and Case Management program offers third party transparency and a secure amalgamated database that enables our clients to proactively identify and react to trends within their organization. By encapsulating all incident related data in a single place, our clients are better able to holistically manage issues on a continual basis.

Our ‘live-answer’ hotline Contact Center Agents are available 24/7/365, in over 150 languages,  and are trained in empathetic and investigative techniques to support your employees when they do decide to come forward.

Overall, it is a comprehensive system that cannot be duplicated by an internal system with part-time support.

Why do we need this service?

WhistleBlower Security is the only ethics and compliance based reporting service provider on the market dedicated to delivering a truly Human Centric Experience. Our flexible and modern Ethics Reporting and Case Management program, IntegrityCounts, has provided organizations worldwide with the best 24x7x365 reporting experience in the marketplace.

Since 2005, WBS has been dedicated to safeguarding hundreds of organizations against risk and fraud globally, while promoting and improving ethical work environments. The IntegrityCounts solution will enhance your organizational integrity and empower both employee and stakeholder contributions to developing an ethical workplace. WBS works with public, private and non-profits to augment, support and enhance cultures of integrity, accountability and transparency.

What percentage of people would come forward to report a colleague’s unethical behaviour?

According to an Ernst & Young survey, 80% of people would come forward and report unethical behaviour using a whistleblower hotline.


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Member testimonials

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video testimonial Elise Rees

Elise Rees, Independent Board Director
Great Panther Silver Limited

“Having an independent route for people working in the field to voice their concerns and to highlight issues they think are there is incredibly important.”

video testimonial Robert Joseph Gayton

Bob Gayton, Independent Director
B2Gold Corp

“I certainly would recommend WhistleBlower Security than anybody, and I have, and this is not just for local people, this is for people all over the world.”

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