Blow the Whistle on Bullying & Harassment

It’s Pink Shirt Day – Blow The Whistle on Bullying & Harassment – Reposted from February 25, 2015 The purpose of the #pinkshirtday campaign is to bring awareness to bullying and harassment in our schools and community, and to work together to pay kindness forward to each other. Bullying and harassment doesn’t start and end in schools. It … Continued

Why will nobody blow the whistle?

“If  you see something, say something” Is it an empty slogan? It appears that if you do say something, retaliation soon follows. People are too afraid to blow the whistle. Which is probably why nobody spoke up about the two San Bernardino, CA shooters before they were able to go on a shooting rampage for … Continued

Code White: Canadian Nurses Won't Blow the Whistle

There’s a code of silence that our healthcare workers live by A “Code White” means a healthcare worker is being assaulted. Usually by a patient. And nurses refuse to blow the whistle. Unfortunately it’s happening everyday in hospitals across Canada. With assaults in the thousands, nursing is one of the country’s most dangerous professions – … Continued

Let employees blow the whistle however they want to

Don’t limit an employee’s ability to blow the whistle Whistleblowing is not disloyalty. It’s the opposite – it’s loyalty. Someone who blows the whistle can be that employee who’s the most loyal to the firm – the most energetic employee who’s serious about avoiding negative consequences facing their firm from regulators or the law. When someone … Continued

The Private (and Smaller) Side of Whistleblowing

[Video] Private and Smaller Companies Are Embracing Whistleblowing Watch a video of WhistleBlower Security president Shannon Walker, chat with Amanda Lang on The Exchange (CBC) about how private and smaller businesses should implement a whistleblower hotline.

Will Whistleblowing Ever Be a Painless Experience?

Good Always Prevails in the End! “I’m Tony Menendez, a CPA and a corporate whistleblower. A decade ago, I was Halliburton’s Director of Technical Accounting and I witnessed some highly questionable accounting and auditing practices at Halliburton. After being told to “save it for the subpoena,” I blew the whistle. Although, Halliburton’s retaliation was swift, … Continued

Ethics Hotlines: Not Just for Blowing the Whistle? Well Sure!

We’ll See Your ‘Misconduct Reporting’ and Raise You ‘Ideas Reporting’ We believe in an ‘all encompassing’ hotline: here’s how it works Every post you see, everywhere, regarding ethics hotlines or whistleblower hotlines, revolves around setting up processes in place to allow employees to anonymously report on wrongdoing in the company. We see media reports of … Continued

It's High Time We Embrace Whistleblowing More

Here’s a Big Question Most of Us Grapple With: Should We Blow the Whistle? Do we remain silent? Do we report? It’s almost one of those ‘tear your hair out’ feelings when you’re faced with the knowledge of someone you know participating in wrongdoing… you know it’s wrong… but you’re afraid of ‘stirring the pot’ … Continued