Canadian Government vs. Ottawa Think Tank – a Battle of Bias

Classic Case of They Said, They Said Last year, the Canada Revenue Agency began auditing an Ottawa-based think tank, accusing the company of being “biased and one-sided.” Now, more than 400 academics are demanding they put a stop to their audit, accusing them of being unethical and biased in their targeting of said think tank. … Continued

Is the Canadian Government Failing Its Whistleblowers?

7 years ago, the Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act was put through by the federal government, ensuring federal employee whistleblowers  “ironclad” protection – in Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s own words. Whistleblowing systems such as the Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act are supposed to do two things: prevent any wrongdoing that may affect the public, and … Continued

Kinder Morgan Proposal: Is There a Transparency Problem?

Last month, it was announced that Kinder Morgan has submitted a formal proposal for another pipeline set to run through B.C.  They hope to get approval for a $5.4 billion expansion of the Trans Mountain Pipeline, which would triple its capacity.  This comes on the heels of Kinder Morgan’s highly publicized $6.5 billion Northern Gateway … Continued