Is China More Harsh on Whistleblowers Than Fraudsters?

Imprisoned for Doing His Job 37-year-old Kun Huang, a Chinese-Canadian citizen, is finally returning to his home in Vancouver after spending the past two years in a Chinese jail. During his time there, he was briefly released on bail, but quickly rearrested after certain actions angered the local police. So, what was the heinous crime … Continued

Corruption in China Up 24%

A whistleblower hotline can go a long way… Corruption cases in China have risen 24%. Reports of corrupt officials seem to be in the vicinity of “many” and as such, the news is getting old locally. At the center of China’s biggest corruption scandal in more than six decades is that country’s Public Security Minister, Zhou … Continued

Whistleblowing and Personal Privacy

Recently, video showing a number of Chinese government officials entering hotels with their respective mistresses was released on the internet by an anonymous whistleblower, leading to the firing of those implicated. This story has garnered a good deal of attention, and has sparked debate around the relationship between whistleblowing and personal privacy.  The internet allows … Continued

Ethics – How to Effectively Police the Pharmaceutical Industry?

The pharmaceutical industry is one fraught with ethical challenges.  There is an obvious disconnect between increased profits and best practices as it relates to patient health, and the sheer size of the industry makes policing problematic. It was reported earlier this week that allegations of bribery are being levelled against French drug company Sanofi.  Allegedly, … Continued