The Layman’s Guide to a Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct

With some easy to understand examples! Let’s take the headache out of this confusion! Many times, “Code of Ethics” and “Code of Conduct” are used interchangeably. But hold up. There are slight differences. Each has their slight nuance… doesn’t everything? A Code of Ethics lays out a company’s and its leadership’s decision-making. A Code of … Continued

You May Now Complain At Work! Code of Conduct Be Warned

Employees don’t need to be perpetually happy! Employers can’t make employees be positive at work Yes, go ahead and complain. You don’t have to constantly remain positive. A recent ruling says so! This is the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) view of it anyway. In a decision last week between T-Mobile USA and Communications Workers … Continued

Struggling to See the Benefits of an Ethics Reporting System?

Let’s break down the barriers between you and your ethics reporting system The importance of ethics continues to be spotlighted with the daily news headline coverage of our most cherished brands and their leaders. Most organizations don’t plan to wake up one morning hoping to find themselves suddenly exposed to an unexpected liability or unwelcome scrutiny. … Continued

Corporate Social Responsibility: Is It in Your Code of Conduct?

It’s Earth Day – How’s Your CSR? Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is defined as the voluntary activities undertaken by a company to operate in an economic, social and environmentally sustainable manner. Because today is Earth Day 2015, and this is the only planet we’ve got (that makes chocolate), there’s no better day than today to ensure … Continued

10 Tips to Write Your Effective Code of Conduct

How Would You Start Writing Your Code of Conduct? Writing is hard. Not everyone is born with J. K. Rowling mastery (if you’re into wizardry). So what happens when you’ve been handed the task of writing your organization’s Code of Conduct? Gasp! Where on earth do you start? First things first, you’ve received input from … Continued

Study Shows US Army Has Issues With Compliance and Code of Conduct

American Liar Recently, two former Army officers conducted a study into the level of compliance in the American Army in keeping up with their mandatory training, requests for information, and compulsory paperwork.  What did they find? Basically, the Army lies. A lot. Leonard Wong and Stephen J. Gerras interviewed Army officers from different locations, collecting … Continued

Playbook Policy: Was 'Deflate'gate Ever Written In?

… And Other Misconduct in the NFL Back in September, we wrote about how the NFL needed to dust off its Code of Conduct after the Baltimore Ravens scandal with player Ray Rice. We wrote about how that whole schmozle was handled and how important it is to reinforce policies and procedures – aka the … Continued

8 Best Practices for Setting up Your Code of Conduct

Considering Revamping Your Code of Conduct? Or Maybe You’re Creating One From Scratch? Here’s a Few Things You Should Take Into Account. When an organization is about to implement an anti-corruption compliance program, a Code of Conduct is often times that platform upon which that effective program is built. Of course, you don’t want that … Continued

When Can Employees Be Fired Over Their Private Life?

What Happens in Vegas… Well You Know the Rest So, does what happens behind closed doors stay behind closed doors? That depends. The news headlines have been splattered with the events around Jian Ghomeshi and the allegations of violent abuse against women. Jian Ghomeshi is a Canadian broadcaster widely known as the host and co-creator of … Continued