Seasonal Illness in the Workplace

As someone who just had a bout with a nasty viral bronchitis, I thought it timely to look at some of the issues facing both employees and employers in regard to seasonal sickness in the workplace. The weather is colder, the holidays are approaching and flu season is soon to be upon us. That often … Continued

Creating the Whistleblower Culture

Steps for Creating the Whistleblowing Culture: Create a Policy A policy for reporting illegal or unethical practices should include formal mechanisms to record violations, such as hotlines and web-based, information-gathering software. Clear instructions about the process of voicing concerns, either through a chain of command, or via a specific service provided by the organization, such … Continued

Encouraging Organizational Whistleblowing

When Time magazine editors named WorldCom’s Cynthia Cooper and Enron’s Sherron Watkins two of their People of the Year for 2002, they were acknowledging the importance of internal whistleblowers—employees who bring wrongdoing at their own organizations to the attention of superiors. At WorldCom, Cooper pushed forward with an internal audit, alerting the Board of Directors Auditing Committee … Continued

Things to Consider When Dealing With a Whistleblower

When a company launches an internal ethics or compliance investigation it’s often based upon information that comes from within the organization and has made its way to the legal department. Sometimes the information comes from outside sources, but generally a company’s own employees are the best resource for reporting impropriety. Issues can be spotted by … Continued

The Fraud Risk Hiding In Your Organization

All organizations, regardless of size, are vulnerable to fraud in the workplace. Whether it’s embezzlement, theft, waste of product, forgery or cybercrime, fraud can assume many forms and continue unchecked for years. The financial and reputational impact of these improprieties can be devastating to a company. Establishing an effective loss-control strategy is an essential way … Continued

FCPA and UK Bribery Act Updates, Whistleblower Effects

Enforcement of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) has reached unprecedented levels in the last year. Dedicated enforcement units at the DOJ and SEC are devoting more resources to sector-wide investigations, resulting in larger settlements within increasingly varied industries. Overseas anti-corruption enforcement activity has also increased dramatically. The long-awaited UK Bribery Act further expands the … Continued

There’s Reward In A Whistleblower Program

With compliance enforcement intensifying around the world, companies are implementing and reviewing whistleblower programs to ensure compliance with various anti-corruption acts. Whether large or small, public, private or non-profit, every organization can benefit from implementing an ethics compliance program. This is particularly true for companies that operate internationally or engage with third parties to act as … Continued

New Whistleblower Legislation for Public Sector Employees

This is an excellent first step for the Alberta government.  The next key components are support, engagement and enforcement.  While it is powerful to have this legislation in place, it is only valid if the agencies affected actually implement the system and if the Office of the Public Interest Commissioner ensures the public employees are … Continued

Global Corruption – Money, Power, and Ethics

On Tuesday, February 12th, Global Financial Integrity hosted a book launch and panel discussion on Corruption, Development and Democracy.  The panel, which included Professor Lester Myers, Michael Hershman of the Fairfax Group, Raymond Baker of GFI and Mr. Laurence Cockcroft (the author) covered a wide range of topics. One of the prominent themes of the discussion … Continued