Global Corruption Takeover? We Don't Think So!

Corruption Will Not Rule the World! There’s a multitude of news stories reporting instances of political and corporate corruption around the globe – we see them every day and it’s easy to get pessimistic. But will corruption ever truly rule the world? We don’t think so. With many new legislations going into effect across the … Continued

Police Corruption and the Importance of Whistleblowers

Police Corruption: We’ve All Heard About Frank Serpico They made a movie about him, his story is that important to share. Sadly as a whistleblower, it didn’t get him far in his career. Born to two highly principled and hard working Italian immigrants in 1936, his dream was one day donning that iconic blue and … Continued

Is the Canadian Government Failing Its Whistleblowers?

7 years ago, the Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act was put through by the federal government, ensuring federal employee whistleblowers  “ironclad” protection – in Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s own words. Whistleblowing systems such as the Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act are supposed to do two things: prevent any wrongdoing that may affect the public, and … Continued

B.C. MLAs Show Us Their Receipts

Starting September 1, B.C.’s legislative management committee will start to post their expenses (including receipts) online. Alberta has a similar system in use, where their MLAs regularly share their expenses with the public – even breaking them down into categories and supporting them with receipts. Recent indiscretions by MLAs in other Canadian provinces have inspired … Continued

Whistleblowers Key in Transparency International Corruption Survey

Transparency International has recently released the 2013 Global Corruption Barometer, a report which outlines the results of a survey which polled 14,000 people in 107 countries in order to gauge the extent to which corruption impacts the everyday lives of citizens.  The results of the poll are troubling, and highlight the need to implement best … Continued