What Ethics Reporting Method is Right For Your Company

Let’s break it down so thinking about it doesn’t hurt quite so much!

We’ve heard them all.
“An ethics reporting system is WAY too expensive.”
“An ethics reporting system isn’t a priority right now.”
“Ugh, too much work…”
Here’s the thing. It’s actually quite simple really.
Companies may be thinking about hotlines, web portals. Then there’s mail! What about faxing?
Thinking about it may seem like the easy part. But what about actually setting everything up? Now thinking about it hurts.
This is where thoughts can take a detour into that “it’s too much work” area.
If you’re sitting on the fence as far as implementing an ethics reporting program, let’s just fall (safely) right over onto the implementing side and we’ll show you how easy it is.
Most of our clients take about one week to set up. Yep. One week.
And implementing a system doesn’t mean all-in or nothing. Some of our clients choose to ixnay on the hotline and only go for the web option.
What’s the best choice for you?
Web Portal
If you want to keep things simple, then do it. Have the web portal set up only for reporting ethical concerns. This cuts down on cost of the hotline service. Most people are on the interweb anyway and are pretty confident about using it. In fact, many people may feel more comfortable only using a secure website, vs. talking to a live agent.
Live Answer Hotline
If employees are more prone to picking up the phone, rather than using a website, then only implementing a hotline is the way to go. Here’s the awesome part. We’ve already set up many global numbers anyway that are ready for use. So really you’re all set. There’s nothing to think about.
Many of us prefer to use an anonymous email. We get it. It’s totally cool. For any of our clients that want to use this option, we easily set up a unique email for each client company, where their employees can send anonymous ethical concerns to.
Yep, we still get snail mail. We’re totally cool with that. Response time may be a little slower depending on how fast the snail is moving that day. But clients can be assured that once the mailperson has made the mail delivery, their ethical concern is acted upon right away.
Yes. Every so often there’s suddenly a strange noise coming from the corner of the office. We admit it startles us a bit. But then we realize it’s the fax machine! Hey, we’re not here to judge. If your employees want to submit a report via fax, then we’ll take it!
If your employees submit an ethical concern via the hotline, or the web portal, the information is immediately logged in your case management system and ready for your company to start investigating.
Email, mail and fax, once received, are entered into your intake portal just as soon as they are received.
You can choose whatever you want. It’s up to you. You don’t have to have all five options if it isn’t in your stars right now.
The average company (okay we know you’re not average, but you know what we mean) can be set up with their own reporting system quite quickly.
So you see, there’s no pain involved. Time is fairly minimal. And the satisfaction of knowing you’ve done something good for the company is immediate.
Contact us today. We’d love to show you just how easy it is to build a more ethical company.

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