Comply with Ethics and Privacy Regulations

Compliance regulations are constantly evolving, making it a challenge for businesses to keep up. The constant influx of new information can be lengthy to process and arduous to implement. Our team of professionals are here to support your ethics and compliance needs by helping your organization navigate through the complexities to ensure your business model is compliant with global regulations.
Safe and Anonymous Reporting

Give your team a direct method for reporting unethical activity or corruption safely and securely by concealing their identity. Reports can be filed at any place or time to suit their needs.

Authorized Persons Only

Filed complaints are instantly directed to be reviewed by authorized personnel only, keeping data strictly confidential.

Monitor Reports

After correspondence with designated reviewers, data can be sorted by urgency and easily monitored.

Create Custom Management Reports

Create reports and improve procedures and training for enhanced ethics management, internally and externally.

Key Benefits


leaders of illegal or inappropriate activity early on


vulnerability and risk


employees to come forward with concerns


your business to comply with security, privacy and ethical requirements


or reduce legal, financial and reputational harm


a healthier workplace culture


employee satisfaction and retention rate

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Global Hotlines and Case Management

We have the tools to help you create and manage a speak-up culture.

Powerful Analytics

Gain valuable insights into the changes and events within your organization.

WBE Certified

The only Ethics Hotline provider on the market certified Women Business Owned.