Risk and Compliance Regulations

Whether it is Sarbanes Oxley, GDPR, or the EU Whistleblowing Directive, the GRC landscape is always changing and it is imperative for businesses to remain up to date with whistleblowing policies and regulations.

How we help you stay compliant:

  • Quickly develop procedures to comply with global regulations
  • Easily capture and manage reported ethics and compliance complaints
  • Provide complete anonymity for reporters unless geographically prohibited
  • A dependable solution for effective ethics and compliance management

Business Needs

Every business is different. But when an employee wants to voice a concern, they all want the same thing – to feel safe and protected when reporting the wrongs they see.

Versatility that works for you:

  • Adaptable for small or large operations
  • Configurable system designed to accommodate your unique needs
  • Stay apprised on corrupt activity that’s happening under the radar
  • The system responds as your company continues to evolve

Industry and Ethics

Trust and integrity among staff are the pillars of success for every business regardless of industry. Without them, your organization could be at greater risk of theft, embezzlement, fraud and legal repercussions.

Create a transparent and honest workplace:

  • Reduce business risk and proactively remediate problematic areas
  • Identify ethical patterns, trends, and hotspots in reporting activity
  • Pinpoint root causes and continuously improve performance
  • Tools enable management to take corrective and effective action

Comply with Ethics and Privacy Regulations

Compliance regulations are constantly evolving, making it a challenge for businesses to keep up. The constant influx of new information can be lengthy to process and arduous to implement. Our team of professionals are here to support your ethics and compliance needs by helping your organization navigate through the complexities to ensure your business model is compliant with global regulations.

Safe and Anonymous Reporting
Give your team a direct method for reporting unethical activity or corruption safely and securely by concealing their identity. Reports can be filed at any place or time to suit their needs.
Authorized Persons Only
Filed complaints are instantly directed to be reviewed by authorized personnel only, keeping data strictly confidential.
Monitor Reports
After correspondence with designated reviewers, data can be sorted by urgency and easily monitored.
Create Custom Management Reports
Create reports and improve procedures and training for enhanced ethics management, internally and externally.

Key Benefits

leaders of illegal or inappropriate activity early on
vulnerability and risk
employees to come forward with concerns
your business to comply with security, privacy and ethical requirements
or reduce legal, financial and reputational harm
a healthier workplace culture
employee satisfaction and retention rate

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Global Hotlines and Case Management
We have the tools to help you create and manage a speak-up culture.
Powerful Analytics
Gain valuable insights into the changes and events within your organization.
WBE Certified
The only Ethics Hotline provider on the market certified Women Business Owned.