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The Ethical Credit Union: A CEO’s Point of View
Your local credit union is a unique member and community focused organization. Customers are member-owners and member-owners are on your Board. Within this structure is a CEO who is challenged to create an ethical environment where team members and member-owners feel seen and heard. This webinar covers how CEOs can work with their Boards, teams, and member-owners to create ethical cultures.
Unlocking Effective Training and Communications for Neuro-Inclusive Whistleblowing
Vital whistleblower reporting training often goes hand in hand with anti-retaliation messaging that is usually added to a long, standardized, legally focused, mandatory e-learning course. That training is monotonous for many individuals and could completely disengage team members already reluctant to speak-up. This webinar talks about how companies can adopt inclusive training and communication strategies for their neurodiverse workforce.
Using Generative AI for Fraud Protection and Prevention
Explore the cutting-edge applications of Generative AI in the field of fraud prevention protection and detection. In today's digital world, the landscape of fraud is constantly evolving, challenging organizations to stay one step ahead of sophisticated fraudulent activities, and there are significant benefits to using Generative AI to combat fraud effectively. This webinar delves into the ways in which Generative AI can empower organizations to proactively detect, prevent, and mitigate fraudulent activities.
Hot Topics in HR
The workplace has undergone significant changes, with several issues taking center stage including the trend towards greater transparency, which has resulted in significant shifts in employment laws.
How to Avoid Retaliation When Managing Employee Complaints
For most organizations, retaliation against Whistleblowers is a matter of when and not if. In this recorded webinar we share how leaders can implement strategies to manage retaliation allegations while minimizing risk to the organization.
Snitches Get Stitches
Retaliation in the work-place is a serious compliance risk that is more common than most organizations are willing to admit. It requires active intervention to detect and prevent. This webinar reveals why the risk of retaliation is so high and how organizations can create a culture where people are not afraid to speak up.
How Gaming Companies Use Whistleblower Reports to Stay Compliant
The proper assignment, investigation, and resolution of whistleblower reports is an important part of a gaming company’s compliance requirements. However, if a report falls through the cracks or the investigation is not properly assigned, performed, and followed up, this can significantly impact a gaming company’s regulatory standing. Businesses should be embracing whistleblowing policies as they can identify systemic issues within their organization.
Olympic Skier Allison Forsyth on How Speak Up Hotlines Keep Athletes Safe
Olympic Skier, Allison Forsyth, talks about her experience in sport marketing, and elite sport, and dives into the importance of providing a safe and positive place for athletes of all levels to speak-up about wrongdoing. Allison talks about what encouraged her to join ITP Sport & Recreation to co-create an agency of independent prevention and complaint management, and provide insight into why the relationship with anonymous reporting hotlines is critical.
Compliance Assessment Q&A: Learn Whether Your Business Needs to Assess its Ethics and Compliance Program
Debra Sabatini Hennelly, Founder & President of Resiliti, brings her experience into helping organizations integrate cultures of integrity and inclusion into their operations. In this recorded webinar, we have a Q&A with Debra about what a compliance assessment is and why organizations of all sizes should do one.
How Law Enforcement Utilizes Whistleblowers for Proactive Investigations
In this recorded webinar, former FBI Supervisory Special Agent George "Ren" McEachern brings his experiences in the FBI into this collaborative discussion on working with whistleblowers when conducting investigations. Whistleblowers bring valuable insight into focus when uncovering ethical violations in the workplace. Yet many feel their concerns will fall on deaf ears or will not be properly handled and the consequences to poor judgment can have devastating and lasting effects.
Uncovering Fraud: Creating an Ethical Corporate Culture to Help Mitigate Fraud Risk
Most employees have a very limited understanding of what fraud is and may not recognize red flags or warning signs. Fraud prevention depends on how ethically motivated your employees are to speak-up about any wrongs they see. This webinar covers best practices on how to recognize and prevent fraud and how to investigate fraud resulting from report responses.
The Risk of Going Back to the Office: Managing New Types of Risk in the Hybrid Workplace
As the workplace contemplates what "back to normal`" means, many companies will be focusing on hybrid workplaces that will include a mix of employees working in the office, working from home, and in some cases both. Inevitably, there will be new behaviours and risks that your company needs to manage.
New 2022 Research Shows Top 3 Fraud Schemes
A Proactive Approach to Stopping Fraud: In this on-demand webinar, we hear from leading forensic accountant Edward Nagel and whistleblower specialist Shannon Walker who have an in-depth conversation on the latest fraud schemes being deployed by clients, vendors and others.
Responding to Whistleblower Reports with a DEI Mindset
Incorporating a mindset of diversity, equality, and inclusivity into how you respond to whistleblower reports and to employees who speak-up will help build a people-first workplace culture.
How to Create Inclusive Workplaces and Communities
Learn how your organization can step up and create an inclusive environment where employees feel safe, secure, and that they belong. The webinar will take what we've learned, and continue to learn from 2020 onwards.
Cultivating a Culture of Trust in the Workplace
Leaders know that cultivating a workplace culture where employees are willing to report on the wrongs they see is challenging. This recorded webinar takes on a simple approach to guiding employees before, during, and after they file a report.
Unlocking Capacity and Creativity in the time of COVID
Teams have learned many new and creative ways to connect and converse. However, those deeper meaningful check-ins are being missed. This webinar covers tips to unlocking capacity and creativity when your team is working remotely.
Navigating Through Turbulent Times: A Conversation on Leadership & Planning for Resilience
In this webinar we have a conversation with Andrea Bonime-Blanc who will take the ten megatrends of our turbulent times from her book Gloom to Boom, and discuss how leaders can use these trends to help navigate their organizations through ESGT risks we experience everyday.
Implementing a Human Powered Ethics Hotline
With global ethics reporting incidents on the rise, it is more important than ever to ensure your organization takes a people-centric approach in creating an efficient and trustworthy ethics reporting process. This recorded webinar shares insights and best practices to implementing a human powered ethics hotline.
Loss Prevention: Visibility into your Greatest Risks
When businesses fail, there is no shortage of opinions as to what went wrong. Typically it's a failure to comply with standard operating practice designed around regulatory requirements, corporate culture, and general risks associated with the goods and services a retailer sells.
Kickstart Your Fraud Prevention into High Gear
No organization wants to deal with effects of an exposure to an unexpected liability or unwelcome scrutiny. That vulnerability is more significant with the increase in ethical violations and occupational fraud stimulated by a tough economy.
Handling Whistleblower Complaints: A Global Perspective for North American Companies
Shannon Walker discusses the challenges of whistleblower complaints originating in foreign countries and best practices for handling them effectively.
How to Encourage Employees to Speak-up Not Shut-up
Encouraging employees to speak up (not shut up) helps to build confidence in their ability to raise workplace issues. This webinar highlights what managers should do and say to support a speak up culture.