Government and Ethics

Ethics reporting and case management help mitigate fraud, waste, and abuse.

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Many government employees feel it is their responsibility to speak up about fraud, waste, and abuse that can be damaging.

Anonymous ethics reporting allows members of the public, government employees, contractors and vendors to report suspicions of wrongdoing.

Anonymous Ethics Hotline
Facilitates safe, anonymous reporting of misconduct 24/7/365.
Case Management
Secure, searchable database stores your sensitive data in an easy to use system.
Robust Reporting
Real-time reporting empowers management to search current or historical records.
Powerful Analytics
Identify serious ethical issues that could become trends if not terminated quickly.
We’ll work with you to customize you program to meet your specific needs.
Audit Trail
Demonstrate that each case is handled in a timely fashion and all the appropriate steps are taken.
Data Location
Our data is housed in Canada providing robust privacy legislation.
WBE Certified
We’re the only ethics hotline provider Women Business Certified and we foster diversity in our own workplace.
We’re a boutique provider offering high touch service and quick response times.
Attentive Service
Our support to you doesn’t stop once your program is up and running.

Member Testimonials

Here's what some of our clients think about our product and services.

Elise Rees, Independent Board Director
Great Panther Silver Limited

“Having an independent route for people working in the field to voice their concerns and to highlight issues they think are there is incredibly important.”

Bob Gayton, Independent Director
B2Gold Corp

“I certainly would recommend WhistleBlower Security than anybody, and I have, and this is not just for local people, this is for people all over the world.”

Our Clients Include

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Prevent Misconduct
Learn of fraud, waste, and abuse sooner before it becomes too damaging.
Anonymous Reporting
Give staff and the public the tools to safely speak up when they see something wrong.
Powerful Analytics
Dive deep into reported issues to uncover any hotspots needing attentions.