Proprietary Case Management System

WhistleBlower Security’s Global Ethics Reporting Service also includes IntegrityCounts™, our proprietary Case Management System, providing your organization with an easy-to-use and customizable web-based confidential ethics reporting system.

This modern and highly intuitive system was designed to increase engagement between employees and organizations and help create a culture of ethics and integrity.

Employees can remain anonymous if they choose, unless they are required to depending on the laws in their country.  Once a report has been filed, the appropriate individuals within an organization will receive it instantly. The decision to act or not act remains solely with them unless required to do so by law.

Case Management



Customization: Our system is customizable and flexible to meet the unique needs of your organization


Security: Our Canadian based secured servers will ensure your data is private and protected

Intuitive Design

Intuitive Design: Our sleek and modern application was designed with ease of use in mind


Scalability: Our system is highly scalable, allowing you to grow your program over time


Analytics: Our robust reporting features will provide insights into the effectiveness of your compliance program

IntegrityCounts™ Case Management provides a high degree of customization that allows clients to create a program best suited for its employees and suppliers.  The system currently provides for a significant degree of customization to meet the needs of our diverse client base so whether you are a small, local business or a multi-national organization, we can build the solution that will work for you.

IntegrityCounts™ Case Management also offers robust reporting capabilities through our ‘Reporting Centre.’  WBS’ real-time reporting tools empower your leadership team to pull reports on an as-required basis when needed.

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“For the past five years, BC Safety Authority (BCSA) has utilized WhistleBlower Security (IntegrityCounts™) for our internal and external confidential reporting. The service provided to BCSA by WhistleBlower Security is very professional. Any questions we may have, are addressed quickly and efficiently. As a confidential service, both employees and the public are secure in the knowledge that their identity remain anonymous. We have no hesitation in recommending WhistleBlower Security.”
BC Safety Authority
“B2Gold has utilized WhistleBlower Security’s ethics hotline and case management services for over a decade. Their service, responsiveness, and attention to detail has been greatly appreciated given the diversity of our global operations. They are committed to ensuring their clients are taken care of and that our employees have an alternative, safe and consistent method of communicating with us. We absolutely recommend them as a reliable, proactive partner that will deliver on their promises.”
B2 Gold

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