Case IQ Strengthens Position as a Leader in Governance, Risk, and Compliance with the Acquisition of WhistleBlower Security

OTTAWA, ON and VANCOUVER, BC, Oct. 19, 2023 /CNW/ – Case IQ (formerly i-Sight), a global provider of investigative case management software, announced today that the company has acquired WhistleBlower Security, a leading provider of ethics and compliance reporting solutions with an industry-leading hotline case intake offering.

Intake methods for incident reporting are a crucial component for companies to fully manage their risk by uncovering issues and pressing matters. This acquisition is part of Case IQ's overall strategy to be a worldwide leader in intake offerings for companies' constituents to report matters via their preferred communication channel (e.g., live answer hotline, web intake, mobile application, virtual hotline). Offering comprehensive intake helps ensure incidents are reported accurately and thoroughly, allowing companies to better mitigate their risk.

Telephone-based hotline solutions, a long-established element of case management intake, are growing in prominence worldwide and represent over one-third of all reports. WhistleBlower Security is a global leader in hotline capability and enables incident reporters to trust the integrity of their anonymous reporting process.

David McNeill, CEO of Case IQ, commented on the acquisition, stating, “We believe that hotline intake is crucial, and WhistleBlower clearly surpasses competitors. WhistleBlower's exceptional expertise and service are unparalleled, ensuring unmatched reliability and ease for all stakeholders. From their streamlined one-step dialing process, industry-leading response times, and phone line reliability, to their unwavering focus on caller experience, WhistleBlower distinguishes itself as the superior choice."

In addition to hotline intake, WhistleBlower Security offers a highly scalable case management platform, IntegrityCounts, that is a proven solution for companies with needs for streamlined configurability and budget investment. The product focuses on the needs of the incident reporter and complements Case IQ's CMS offering, which offers higher configurability and focuses on the needs of the investigator.

WhistleBlower Security was founded by Shannon Walker, who led the company to the point of acquisition and will join the Case IQ leadership team as the EVP of Thought Leadership & Strategy. “We've partnered with Case IQ as a hotline provider for years and look forward to now being formal teammates. Between our two products, we can cater to the unique needs of enterprise and SMBs, with tremendous value at different price points," said Walker. “Our leadership team is excited to join a company that values our expertise and enthusiasm for helping customers manage their risks and create workplaces with strong speak-up cultures."

The WhistleBlower Security brand will continue operating alongside Case IQ as the companies work together to make WhistleBlower's hotline capabilities available to all customers.

About Case IQ

Case IQ, formerly i-Sight, is a leading provider of case management software for investigating ethics and compliance, human resources, fraud, and corporate security incidents. With more than 80,000 investigators and case managers active on Case IQ's platform, the company serves enterprise and midsize organizations worldwide. The company was founded in 1999, has a central office in Ottawa, Ontario, and employs a remote-first workforce across the US, Canada, and APAC. Case IQ rebranded from i-Sight to Case IQ on May 1, 2023. Case IQ is owned by Resurgens Technology Partners.

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About WhistleBlower Security

WhistleBlower Security is a trusted provider of ethics and compliance reporting solutions. It offers world-class hotline services to its customers. Its flagship software, IntegrityCounts, offers a secure and confidential platform for reporting potential ethics breaches, fraud, misconduct, and other violations. With advanced features and stringent security protocols, IntegrityCounts helps organizations promote transparency and accountability. The company was founded in 2005 and has a central office in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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