PRA Canada and WhistleBlower Security Partner to Offer Comprehensive & Affordable Ethics and Misconduct Reporting and Investigation Solutions. Transparency Matters.

PRA Canada, a leading provider of risk management and internal audit services, and WhistleBlower Security, a renowned provider of ethics and compliance reporting solutions, are proud to announce their strategic partnership to offer banks and credit unions an independent and transparent whistleblowing reporting and investigation solution.

The partnership will leverage WhistleBlower Security's cutting-edge case management software, IntegrityCounts, known for its user-friendly interface, advanced features, and stringent security protocols. IntegrityCounts enables employees, customers, members and other stakeholders to securely report potential ethics breaches, misconduct, fraud, and other violations through a confidential and anonymous reporting platform.
Drawing on its extensive expertise in risk management, fraud investigations, cybersecurity, and internal audit, PRA Canada will provide independent and impartial monitoring of complaints and reports on behalf of financial institutions. As part of their services, PRA Canada will independently assess the credibility and applicability of reported cases and conduct thorough investigations when necessary, upholding the integrity and transparency of the investigation process. With a team of highly skilled professionals adhering to industry best practices, PRA Canada ensures confidentiality and impartiality at all stages of the investigation, offering comprehensive and unbiased outcomes.

“We are excited to join forces with WhistleBlower Security to provide banks and credit unions with a comprehensive ethics and misconduct reporting and investigation solution," said Jeremy Picco, Managing Partner at PRA Canada. “Our partnership will enable financial institutions to foster a culture of integrity, proactively address potential ethics breaches, manage risks, and demonstrate their commitment to transparency and accountability."

“WhistleBlower Security is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that promote transparency and accountability in organizations," said Shannon Walker, President and CEO at WhistleBlower Security. “Our collaboration with PRA Canada will provide banks and credit unions with an industry-focused end-to-end reporting and investigation solution, empowering them to effectively address ethics and misconduct concerns and protect their reputation."

Financial Institutions interested in learning more about the comprehensive ethics and misconduct reporting and investigation solution offered by PRA Canada and WhistleBlower Security can contact PRA Canada at 604-591-6440 to schedule an introductory session.

About PRA Canada:

PRA Canada is a leading provider of risk management, internal audit, strategy development, data analytics, robotic process automation, and cybersecurity assessments. With extensive experience in the financial services industry, PRA Canada provides over 100 banks and credit unions independent solutions that help organizations effectively manage risk, maintain compliance, and provide assurance.

About WhistleBlower Security:

WhistleBlower Security is a trusted provider of ethics and compliance reporting solutions. Its flagship software, IntegrityCounts, offers a secure and confidential platform for reporting potential ethics breaches, fraud, misconduct, and other violations. With advanced features and stringent security protocols, IntegrityCounts helps organizations promote transparency and accountability.