WBS Unveils a More Sophisticated IntegrityCounts™ Platform

The Most Human Powered Ethics Reporting System on the Market

Vancouver – BC – WhistleBlower Security (WBS) (December 12, 2018), a global provider of customized ethics hotlines and reporting services, is pleased to announce a major upgrade of its Ethics Reporting and Case Management platform, IntegrityCounts™.

This product upgrade provides organizations worldwide with the most intuitive and easy-to-use ethics reporting and case management system in the marketplace today, delivering an enhanced experience for case reporters and program administrators alike, encouraging employees to speak up during a time of increased focus on ethics in the workplace.

“WhistleBlower Security is excited to push our IntegrityCounts program and services to the next level of sophistication and provide our clients with a more enhanced and intuitive program, “said Shannon Walker, President, WhistleBlower Security. “We understand that comprehensive ethics and compliance programs require equally comprehensive tools to help them operate efficiently. This new renovation of IntegrityCounts delivers better analytics that will help support ethics and compliance programs by providing more insightful and meaningful data trends.”

In addition to user experience enhancements, the new version of IntegrityCounts also includes these new features:

  • Enhanced Search – robust search engine providing a tool for deeper insight into ethics and compliance trends within an organization
  • Proxy Reporting – extends capability for multi-reporting, allowing managers to file in-person reports on behalf of employees
  • Automated Case Routing – enhanced functionality for routing cases to specific individuals or departments

This significant upgrade will also enhance WBS’ ability to service large, complex multi-nationals. WhistleBlower Security will continue its strong focus on product innovation with new enhancements planned through 2019.

About WhistleBlower Security

WhistleBlower Security Inc. is a global provider of ethics reporting services, including a 24/7/365 Global Ethics Hotline and Case Management platform (IntegrityCounts), to provide organizations with an efficient and trustworthy ethics reporting process. Its intuitive and easy-to-use product and service offerings help employees, customers, and suppliers feel safe and secure when reporting ethics and compliance-related issues.

Based in Vancouver, Canada, WhistleBlower Security offers organizations worldwide with a secure and stable platform to protect their most confidential information. WhistleBlower Security Inc. is proud to be B-Corp certified, WBE Certified, and WEConnect International Certified.

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