WhistleBlower Security Announces Strategic Partnership with nagel + associates

Vancouver – BC – WhistleBlower Security (WBS), is pleased to announce a new partnership with nagel + associates to provide organizations with an additional resource for fraud prevention, detection and investigations through training, consulting and advisory tools and services.

This strategic partnership between WBS and nagel + associates will help arm organizations with additional methods to employ within their teams to further detect and prevent fraud. Through their training, consulting, and advisory tools and services, organizations will be better prepared to strengthen their internal controls and bring teams together to help promote a culture of ethics and compliance.

“WhistleBlower Security is excited to partner with nagel + associates and together offer a collaborative approach to help organizations in their fight against fraud and other misconduct while promoting a speak-up culture," said Shannon Walker, President, WhistleBlower Security. “We're excited to partner with another Canadian based firm that is passionate about not only preventing fraud and other malfeasance in the workplace, but also providing teams a safe place to anonymously speak-up about any wrongs they see with confidence."

“Our partnership with WhistleBlower Security, a Canadian-based, global provider of ethics reporting services, directly aligns with our recognition that financial fraud is a real and growing threat to organizations”, said Edward Nagel, Principal and Founder of nagel + associates. “Providing a safe and secure mechanism for employees, customers and suppliers to report concerns is a necessary and critical component of an effective corporate governance model.”

This partnership will allow WBS and nagel + associates to work together to help organizations take a proactive approach to combat fraud, and create workplaces where employees feel safe to speak-up about the wrongs they see.

About WhistleBlower Security

WhistleBlower Security Inc. is a global provider of ethics reporting services, including a 24/7/365 Global Ethics Hotline and Case Management platform (IntegrityCounts), to provide organizations with an efficient and trustworthy ethics reporting process. Its intuitive and easy-to-use product and service offerings help employees, customers, and suppliers feel safe and secure when reporting ethics and compliance-related issues.

WhistleBlower Security Inc. is proud to be B-Corp certified, WBE Certified, and WEConnect International Certified.

Contact WhistleBlower Security info@whistleblowersecurity.com

About nagel + associates

nagel + associates is a Toronto-based boutique forensic accounting firm. The firm’s exclusive focus on forensic and investigative accounting allows it to remain independent, focus on doing the work that aligns with its expertise, and most effectively and efficiently respond to urgent and sensitive matters facing its clients. nagel + associates works closely with organizations and individuals, as well as their legal counsel, to investigate allegations of fraud and other wrongdoing, and to support litigation and dispute resolution processes. The firm’s core practice of forensic accounting is complemented by its anti-fraud consulting, anti-fraud training, and crypto advisory services.

Contact nagel + associates info@nagel-forensics.com