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It is the smartest, fastest, and most efficient ethics reporting and case management system. It’s designed to protect your employees’ identity, manage all reports in one place, accelerate the investigative process with powerful analytics, and help your organization remain compliant with your country’s privacy laws.

Smart, Fast, and Efficient Ethics Reporting and Case Management

Workplace fraud can cost you more than just money. It can also damage your financial and corporate reputation. One mismanaged incident can lead to scandal that can leave your organization completely bankrupt and publicly shamed. What’s worse, is that a majority of misconduct and unlawful activity goes unannounced even when staff are aware of what’s going on. Fear of retaliation, harassment, suspension and even discharge prevent employees from speaking out. This allows serious issues to go unnoticed until it becomes too late.

Today, many countries have regulations in place to encourage whistleblowing practices and prevent retaliation from occurring. Businesses are required to have policies and procedures in place, but they aren’t equipped with the tools needed to encourage employees to come forward. Many organizations lack the appropriate tools to manage the ethics reporting process. The IntegrityCounts platform is a powerful solution that enables your business to easily identify risks and respond immediately.

Toll Free Live Answer Multilingual Hotline

  • Available in 150 languages
  • Call-centre agents are empathetic and compassionate with the caller
  • Anonymous dialogue is facilitated between the reporter and the organization
  • A positive experience leads to a more thorough and meaningful report

Web-Intake Reporting

  • Available in 26 languages
  • Designed to guide the reporter easily through the questionnaire
  • A secure internet connection is all that is needed
  • Mobile optimized to provide the same experience in web and mobile

Versatile Case Management System

  • Data is stored in Microsoft Azure Canadian data centers, separated from other client data
  • Intuitive collaboration and dialogue between the reporter and the organization
  • Real-time template reports show full trend analysis and report status
  • Sensitive report feature prevents users from accessing reports they shouldn’t

Robust Analytics and Reporting

  • Reporting and analytics puts the power of case data in your hands
  • Easily find the data your looking for with intuitive search capabilities
  • Gain important insight into your organization’s culture and learn where problems may exist
  • Benchmark filtered data against previous periods

Historical Data Migration / Integration

  • Every integration is different, so we work with you to understand yours
  • We can integrate your IntegrityCounts data into a third-party case management tool
  • We can transfer your existing case data into our IntegrityCounts system
  • You won’t lose your case history and important historical data

Pricing Example

Annual fees for our IntegrityCounts hotline and Case Management platform are based on a number of factors:

  • How many employees you have
  • Whether you need dedicated phone lines or are sharing a line with other clients
  • You operate in countries outside of North America
  • You require custom features like site branding

Our base level subscription rate is less than $1 per employee per month for most companies.

Contact our experts to create a program that works with your budget to provide the transparency, security and peace of mind you are looking for!

Empower Employee Contribution with an Easy to Use Whistleblowing System

IntegrityCounts is an easy-to-use confidential and anonymous ethics reporting system designed to increase the engagement between your employees and your organization. It gives your employees the power to speak up through our anonymous global hotline or by a secure questionnaire via our web intake system. Once a report is filed, employees can log back in at any time to add additional information or review the status of their report.

A Reporting System That Gives You Full Control

IntegrityCounts gives your compliance team full control over ethics reporting. Once an individual has filed a report, the information will be automatically populated to the dashboard. Our versatile case management system will safely store all data and provide you with a number of functions to sort and organize the information. Robust reporting and analytical tools allow you to utilize the data in a number of ways to gain deeper insights, speed up the investigation process, and flag urgent cases. You will have all the information you need to make informed decisions to mitigate risk and prevent future issues from occurring.

Get your program up and running quickly. Contact us today!

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